Capital Shoppers Proprietors Apologize over ‘Halal Pork Sausages’

Capital shoppers Managing Director, Ponsiano Ngabirano has apologized to the Uganda Muslim Community (UMC), Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) and Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) over the packaged pork sausages labelled ‘Halal’ spotted in their stalls.

“We refer to the unfortunate event which occurred in our production line of sausages that labelled pork sausages as Halal and the negative social media fury it has generated,” he said.

In a press statement released this afternoon, Ngabirano pledged to ensure that the incident will never reoccur.

“This was a mistake in packaging that passed due to a lapse in the quality controls and which has since been corrected. Our quality control checks have also been revamped with new surveillance and stringent quality control checks,” he revealed.

He added that as soon as the incident came to his attention, all the sausages were withdrawn from distribution and stopped all sales from the stores.

“We all commenced immediate investigations to establish how such grave incidents could have happened and found out that the template stickers for Halal products were not properly edited to remove the word halal before being printed for the pork sausages hence the erroneously grave mistake of depicting them as Halal,” Ngabirano said.

Ngabirano assured all Muslims and the general public that as management they take very seriously the sensitivity of all their customers.

“The Muslim community is one of the biggest patrons to our retail stores and we cannot begin to imagine the emotional stress caused by this event to their religious beliefs and cultural practices,” he noted.


Ngabirano added that: “We would like to invite UMSC to our production lines and stores to inspect and ascertain that we have complied with the requirements of the Universal Halal Standards and UNBS to ensure that the products we offer to the public don’t compromise in any way.”


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