Capital Shoppers in the Spotlight for Labelling Pork Products ‘Halal’

Capital Shoppers Supermarket is in the spotlight for acquiring pork products (sausages) and labelling them with the Islamic symbol “Halal”.  Halal, or in this case the Halal certification symbol, is attached to meat or meat products prepared as prescribed by the Muslim law.

The Uganda Halal Bureau (UHB) has described the development as “repugnant, insinuative and provocative” laced with disrespect to the Muslim community.

UHB said in a statement that, “these transgressions violate the Uganda standards as well as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) standards on food labeling and Halal compliance.”

Grace Birungi, who signed the statement on behalf of UHB Executive Director said the rage the incident had raised among the Muslim community underscores the insult inflicted by Capital Shoppers on their spirituality.

Birungi added that the action has put UHB’s integrity in question given that the Bureau is the only Organization in Uganda responsible for ensuring that the integrity of Uganda Halal standards on specific products and services is not questioned.

UHB is the only Organization in Uganda that fulfills the credentials and on that basis, carries out Halal certification activities in Uganda. Products and services certified as Halal by the Uganda Halal Bureau are authenticated by the UHB Halal Mark.

UHB demanded an apology and called on Capital Shoppers to withdraw the products from the market.

“We hereby therefore demand that Capital Shoppers immediately withdraws all its pork products with the Halal symbol from the market,” said Birungi.


She added, “We demand that Capital Shoppers Uganda makes a formal public apology to Uganda Halal Bureau for the implication your activity has caused to the public and Uganda National Bureau of Standards and the Halal consumer in general and the Muslim community in particular.”


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