Cancer Treatment Resumes After Machine Servicing

Uganda Cancer institute said Monday that the first routine service of the Cobalt 60 Radiotherapy machine is complete and the services have resumed fully.

The service, they said, was successfully done over the weekend by the designated technician from Czech Republic Bednar Andrej.

While addressing the media at the Uganda Cancer Institute, Andrej said that the next routine service is scheduled for October 2018.

Dr Jackson Orem, the executive director of the Cancer Institute advised the media houses to always cross check their information regarding the machine.

He was speaking in light of false media reports that came out claiming that the machine had broken down.

“When our patients read the media reports, they get stressed and hurt which creates further damage, which is very bad for treatment. That’s why you have to be cautious while reporting on such issues,”

Dr Orem also re-assured the general public of their commitment towards providing the best services.




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