Cancer Kills Bishop Makumbi

Burundi peacekeepers have been commended for their dedication and selfless leadership on duty.

The commendation was made by the Deputy Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission (DSRCC) for Somalia, ambulance Hon. Lydia Wanyoto during a recent ceremony held in Mogadishu, pills to award medals to 1,828 soldiers from the 26th and 27th battalions, who have completed their tour of duty in Somalia.

Also present at the ceremony was the AMISOM Force Commander Lt. Gen. Jonathan Rono and the Burundi Ambassador to Somalia Joseph Nkurunziza among others.

Nkurunziza hailed the soldiers for the professionalism and dedication with which they executed their duties.

“These medals mark the end of your duties and it is with pride that you go back to your home land, with this kind of award which distinguishes you from others. It is also a sign of African Union recognition to the people who have served Africa,” said Nkurunziza.

The DSRCC Hon Wanyoto commended the soldiers for supporting the Somalia’s stabilization efforts.

In a speech she read on behalf of the SRCC Ambassador Maman Sidikou, Wanyoto said, “It is good for you to have come and made a contribution for the cause of an African person, in her own country in Somalia”.

The Force Commander Lt. Gen. Jonathan Rono saluted the soldiers for their resilience and commitment to duty, noting that they had defied great difficulties to succeed in their mission.


“Operationally, the battalions have performed impressively well which was manifested in our ability to implement AMISOM’s mandate within the Burundian National Defense Forces assigned tasks. Your robust and numerous day and night patrols, cordon and search operations and escort to humanitarian aid duties has confirmed how well-trained and prepared you were for the tasks,” said Lt. Gen. Rono.

Burundi was the second among the six troop contributing countries to deploy forces to the mission in Somalia and its forces have helped in securing Somalia’s Middle Shabelle region.
Christians are mourning the death of Anglican West Buganda Rt. Rev. Bishop Godfrey Makumbi who has succumbed to throat cancer, website Chimp Corps report. He was 52.

Makumbi passed away on Sunday at the Cancer Institute, Mulago Referral Hospital.

He is said to have battled the disease for several years .

The Bishop’s health condition deteriorated a few weeks ago, leading to his admission at the hospital.

Cancer is a disease that develops when normal body cells change and begin to grow in an abnormal and uncontrolled way. In some types of cancer the uncontrolled growth causes a lump/swelling.

In other types of cancer a large number of abnormal cells results for example in blood cancer called leukaemia.

According to Dr. Joyce Balagadde, Head of Research and Training directorate, 60 percent of cancer types are infection related.

These include cervical cancer in women that is caused by the human papilloma virus and cacosy sarcoma among others.

“These can be cured if detected earlier and treatment taken accordingly,” said Dr. Balagadde who also doubles as the Head of Paediatrics Oncology at the institute.

Ugandans have since taken to social media platforms to send their condolences to the deceased.

Many praised him as a “good preacher” and anti-corruption crusader.

The Anglican Church is today expected to release the funeral programme of the departed man of God.

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