Camping: Why You Should Consider Sleeping in A tent

Camping can be exciting but it isn’t for everyone. Whereas some people would love being woken up gently by the sound of birds and the inimitable feel under a tent, others couldn’t think of anything worse than sleeping outdoors.

If you suffer from sleep problems, however, sleeping in a tent could be the cure you’ve been looking for.

Recently I visited Nile River Explorers Camp in Jinja, and I must confess that it is one of the most memorable camping experiences I’ve ever had. Many would find it hard to leave and for the best camping tips, I simply headed to

Tents of Nile River Explorers

With fantastic views of the Nile, their secluded safari tents are specifically designed to give campers extreme comfort.

It is a special place to enjoy the calmness of River Nile as well as watch the awesome sunrise and sunset!

Those scared of sleeping outdoors are also catered for as the place also has dorms for accommodation.

However, here is why you should consider sleeping in a tent;

As a camper, sleeping in a tent allows you to sleep for an average of 10 hours as you will most likely for to bed roughly two hours earlier than they would in a Hotel room. You will also do more camping activities during the day.

Tents of Ihamba Residence in Bwindi

One of the best things about sleeping in a tent is the places it allows you to go. Some of the most beautiful locations in the world are accessible only by hiking; only to those willing to spend hours, days or even weeks trekking to them and sleeping in a tent along the way.

There is nothing like waking up beside a mountain, river or valley that you worked so hard to get to.

Sleeping in a tent will bring you closer to the people you love and to nature.

It will teach you that you don’t need as much as you think you do to be happy.

You will also learn to be tough and resourceful.

Olive Nakiyemba, a travel enthusiast says she loves sleeping in tents because it gives her an opportunity to reflect.

“Sleeping in four walls to me takes away the adventure that l came out looking for. By sleeping in a tent l feel like l have gotten a full package of my adventure experience. In a tent you feel the breeze, the rain, the sound of birds, animals if you are in a national park. It’s just one of those experiences everyone should get”. She said.

To me sleeping in a tent is a lot calmer. You will probably not have your phone next to you and there’s no TV. It will be just you by yourself. it gives you time to reflect on your life.

Ugandan Travelers just outside their tents

All in all, Camping is an awesome way to immerse yourself in the surroundings of the place you have visited it’s the real definition of adventure.

I also camped at Ihamba residence in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Leopards Rest Camp in Lake Mburo National Park, Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary and many others. l can comfortably say that there are so many benefits of sleeping in a tent and so many different reasons why people love it.

Tips for Camping

Camping gives us an opportunity to take a break from many modern conveniences and enjoy being closer to nature. That, however, doesn’t mean giving up the comfort and rejuvenation of sleep.

With the right gear and preparation, we can have a good sleep and still enjoy night skies and fresh air. It all starts by finding a suitable tent for your adventures and camping tents guide by Globo Surf is a good place to start.

While going on a camping trip, remember to carry a warm sleeping bag, bed covers and pillows.

You should choose a proper tent site; make sure you pitch your tent on a flat, durable surface cleared of sticks, rocks, and pinecones.

Remember to keep dry because if you’re wet and cold, you won’t sleep well.

It is also highly recommended that you wear dry clothing. Wear longer underwear and socks during the night.

You are also advised to at least pee twice before going to bed to avoid midnight restroom trips.

Also, keep a bottle of drinking water and an LED light near you as you go to bed.



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