Camp Comedy: Analyzing Season Four of the Event

Jinja was on fire over the weekend as Comic Dolibondo was at it again with his camp comedy that saw Uganda’s finest comedians crack ribs at Forever Resort Hotel.

One would ask his or herself why camp comedy? Well, it may not be right to say this, but I guess it’s absolutely okay to give a vote of thanks to the brains behind the show.

Forget the ordinary comedy shows that normally happen in hotels around cities and Kampala to be exact, but this time around, the venue was right at the banks of river Nile, overlooking the new Nile Bridge.

The fact that we all love to laugh, listen to good stories rather jokes that are not just ordinary jokes but those that are informative, educative and in most cases those that cause change in individuals or society as a whole.

Comedians normally research on the current happenings about specific individuals or society and by so doing, when performing in a show; they are able to bring out the real truth about a thing or two that allow fans make informed decisions as per the findings and that is exactly what happened at Camp Comedy.

comedy lovers paying attention to the different acts at the show

When we talk about comedy, some people say it’s just a matter of comics going to make people laugh, no; it’s in these modern days done to create awareness or simply identify some of the problems faced in society and try coming up with possible solutions.

We can critically observe that Uganda’s Comedy industry has rapidly grown over the years, right from the time when it was all about skits to now when it’s done in a camp and moreover by the riverside call it wilderness, if  it makes sense that way.

For sure, whoever advised Dolibondo to come up with such an idea deserves some kind of special appreciation. His Camp comedy can be compared to America’s Comedy Central, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the Silicon Valley shows among others.


It’s one of the biggest initiatives we have in the country due to the choice of acts that are critically selected to entertain comedy lovers.

The night was kick started by comic Salvador who showed up on stage at 12:45Am, a rare thing in Uganda’s comedy as he usually performs last or send last and only performs first when on an international show.

Having realized that the revelers had been kept waiting for the performances for a long time as some of them who were sipping on Club beer, were freezing due to the fact that the venue itself, was at the riverside, the comic did not waste any single minute as he warmed up the eagerly waiting comedy lovers.

Revelers enjoying camp fire at the show

He started off joking about how small ladies and fat ladies behave differently with his choice being the latter due to the fact that they don’t stress too much trying to gain weight like the thin-bonny ones do.

The comic later on thanked Dolibondo, the event’s host, for organizing such a marvelous event where people get away from the usual set up and go enjoy comedy at the riverside.

“I am doing this for my brother Dolibondo, for sure, every time you see us comedians coming together; just know that there is no money involved in it at all.

It’s not about Money; I am only supporting a brother in the comedy industry.”

Comic Salvado cracking ribs at the show

He further talked about how different tribes behave with the Acholi people being at the centre of his jokes. He cited out the fact that the Acholi want to over appreciate people all the time as even their signature greeting is always, ”Well done,” making them very different from the rest of the tribes in Uganda.

He took revelers, especially the ladies through how they can de-tooth men without necessarily sleeping with them.

It was then time up for him as comedy duo Madrat and Chiko took on to the stage and joked about some of the beautiful ladies not knowing English and those who would wish to have a feel of the most expensive drinks yet they have never seen them or even know the names.

They also mimicked those Men who have made drinking a habit, they keep drinking and go home drunk all the time, disturbing their Women and also joked about how girls love money and can do anything for it.

Omukebete, Son of Mama Muke; UPE product as he calls himself, not wanting to be out-competed, showed on stage dressed like a primary pupil who is late for school or one who has been walking behind a dog with rabies, but finally got his way out.

He thanked revelers for coming to support camp comedy and the fact that they were enjoying themselves.

“Thanks for coming to enjoy your selves, you know when you don’t enjoy yourself, no one will enjoy it for you.”

Omukebete went on saying that he is the only successful UPE product who has been able to make it in life, having been able to withstand all the challenges involved in PLE, mostly in rural schools.

He went on criticizing Uganda’s education system not being able to address real issues faced in Uganda but rather those in Europe and America among others.

“We are made to study wheat growing in British Columbia yet we face challenges of maize growing in Mayuge District.

Omukebete also talked about Poverty being a serious disease eating up Ugandans and Africa as a whole.

“Poverty is a very serious issue indeed. It’s that bad that it can make some men call their fellow men, ‘Men.’

“Poverty stricken people when passing where nice houses are or rather meeting beautiful women will be like Uuuhhhh, ehh! men have houses, men can marry.”

The night was wrapped up by other funny acts including Teacher Mpamire and Jajja (Bruce) Waswa who equally took the comedy lovers to the World of happiness as they kept cracking jokes beyond the revelers’ expectations and laughter was the theme and anthem of the show.

Jajja Waswa took revelers all the way to about 4 O’clock and the whole show was not short of laughter and enjoyment.

It won’t be a crime saying it was such unmatched comedy show, one full of action right from the start to the end.

Much as there were also some games at the event organized for the revelers to play, comedy took a huge portion as no single person was spotted playing any more immediately the comedy action kicked off.


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