CAA Urges Immediate Registration of All Drones Operated in Uganda

The Civil Aviation Authority of Uganda has urged all drone owners to register their drones in oder to ease their operations.

The concern was raised during the CAA workshop on drones on July 3 at Mestil hotel Nsambya.


According to CAA officials, the number of drones imported into the country is extremely 2017/2018 period, the number of drones imported were about 130 and 442 in 2018/2019,indicating an increase of 312 drones.


The authority revealed that out of the 442 drones, only 191 are cleared to operate in the Country.The other 251 are either operated illegally or no un utilized at all.


Speaking about the possible ways of copying up with the drone technology, Joseph Bogere, Manager Planning & Authorization said that the commission is looking doing its best to recognize the increasing use and demand for various applications.



“UCC is looking at how to recognize the increasing use and demand for various applications & services. Our concern is to ensure those harmonized spectrums are available for Unmanned Aircrafts Systems.”


On Authorization, Bogere said that all drones which are brought in the country, must be certified by CAA and type approved by UCC.

UPDF’s Major David Rusoke said, “Before using a drone commercially or personally it is critical to check the laws in which a country has in place for Unmanned Aircrafts systems (UAS).”


He added that “the biggest risk or security associated with drones is not the drone, but the technology in it. All these things contain GPS technologies which possess security issues.

He further urged industries, companies and individuals who use drones, to assure the general Public that their right of privacy will not be violated with or without their intent.”


Richard Ruhesi, Director Air Navigation Services in his submission, cited that, “Drone operation and utilization is a major advancement in the aviation industry which is here to stay.”


The concerned authorities have therefore, been asked to enforce strict laws governing drone operations and to ensure that all drone operators are fully licensed for security reasons.


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