CAA Top Officials Impressed By Progress of Entebbe Airport Expansion

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Board of Directors have applauded the ongoing construction and renovation  projects at Entebbe international airport.

This was during the board’s tour and inspection of the airport expansion projects, aimed at checking the progress of the constructions.

The works include construction of a new cargo center as well as expansion of the tax bay and renovation of runways.

The Directors expressed gratitude and encouragement to the contractors CCCC for the work done so far.

One of the project engineers John S. McDonald told the board that the works have so far been moving at the anticipated pace, save for a few minor glitches.

The cargo center under construction

McDonald assured the visitors that much as completion of the works is still months away, they hope to finish the works well within the range of the project time frame.

“We are firm that we shall be able to put smiles on faces of the people of Uganda after they see our quality work and the new look of Entebbe international airport,” he assured.

During the tour, Eng. Edward Mike Ndawula, the board Chairman CAA of Directors lauded the contractors CCCC for the work done so far.


“This tour and inspection should not be looked at as a coincidence,” he added. “We have an active working committee which meets every month to look at the progress of these constructions here”

Ndawula noted that the ongoing renovations were supposed to have happened in 1967.

Construction at where the fuel tanks will be inserted

Entebbe Airport in the last few years has seen an increasing number of international passengers, with the growth rates during the latest decade reaching more than 10% annually.

To cope up with the constant growing traffic and increasing demand at the airport, CAA decided to embark on the expansion works with funding (325 Million USD) from the China Exim Bank.

The works are planned to run up to May 2021

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