CAA Human Resource Director Under Investigation Over Disharmony in The Institution

The Director Human Resource and Administration (DHRA) of Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) Pascal Jabbe Osinde Osudo has been sent on a 6 month’s leave to allow room for investigations into disharmony in the institution allegedly caused by him.

According to the letter written to CAA Director General by Minister of State for Transport Joy Kabatsi, there is disharmony, back stabbing, infighting which doesn’t allow smooth workflow at CAA.

“I wish to draw your attention to the subject matter and the persistent state of disharmony in your institution which is well known in your knowledge,” read the letter in part.

The minister says this disharmony was factual and glaring when an independent meeting was held with union workers and middle managers on 17th March 2020.

“From their testimonies, it came out clearly that there exists disharmony, back stabbing, infighting and persistent fiction among the members of top management which is not allowing smooth workflow.”

Kabatsi also said in the letter that there are several complaints and disgruntlement among other staff and a total breakdown of recruitment process and the entire human resource management function.

She mentioned that preliminary information reveals that largely, this state of affairs revolves around one individual, the Director Human Resource and Administration Pascal Jabbe Osinde Osudo whose position is central in resolving conflicts in the organization and therefore should be occupied by a person who is stable on the job and above intrigue and personal vendetta.

“As political and Policy makers of Works and Transport Sector, we cannot allow this state of affairs to persist unabated. It has therefore been decided that thorough investigation should be undertaken by a competent institution of Government to get to the bottom of the problem and inform us of action required to put a permanent end to the confusion,” the letter read.


Kabatsi ordered that Pascal Jabbe Osinde Osudo be sent on a 6 month’s leave to allow room for Investigations and a suitable officer be assigned to act as DHRA adding that the order be implemented with immediate effect.

In another letter seen by Chimpreports, CAA has instructed Pascal Jabbe Osinde Osudo to handover office to Mrs Efrance Musiimenta who will at as DHRA during the absence of his 6 months absence.


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