CAA Hits Back at Mike Mukula

Civil Aviation Authority has come out to clarify on claims by Captain Mike Mukula that his Aviation School, Uganda Aviation School (UAS) was denied an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) by CAA.

Captain Mukula a few days back announced that he had finally decided to shift his Aviation School to Kenya due to bureaucratic tendencies by the Ugandan System that hindered his operation licence causing him financial losses.

Following these comments, CAA, the government Authority that is in charge of awarding the said licences came out with a statement denying the said claims which it called ‘distorted claims’

CAA noted that Mukula’s UAS had never applied for an air operator certificate but had instead applied for and was granted the Air Services Licence

Later, they said, Mukula applied for an aviation training organisation (ATO) specifically focusing on Cabinet crew training with a view of later expanding the Scope to flight trainings subjected to the set regulations.

“Air Operator Licence is only given to Air Operators seeking to conduct Commercial air Transport Operations and not training. UAS did not fulfil the cabin crew training because cabinet crew training is Air Operator Based (practical and not theoretic),” part of the statement reads.

CAA further states that UAS fell short due to lack of appropriate aircrafts for cabin crew practical demonstrations.

“CAA is keen on delivering and has delivered double digits growths in passenger and cargo traffic volumes but pursuit of this growth should not be at the expense of safety,” the statement concludes


However Captain Mukula in another social Media statement said CAA’s statement was misleading and promised to come up with a comprehensive statement addressing CAA’s claims.


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