Bwanika to Bobi Wine: Tell Us What We Get If We Help You Into Office

Pastor Bwanika demanded to know what would be his reward for his efforts to dislodge President Museveni.

Kyadondo East MP Robert Kagulanyi (Bobi Wine) has been called to specify how he will reward the people that are helping his presidential bid.

Bobi Wine, who months ago trumpeted plans to run for President in 2021, was yesterday warned “not to use his colleagues in the fight, and abandon them in the end, the way President Museveni did.”

The call was made by former Presidential candidate, Pastor Abed Bwanika, during the opposition Democratic Party (DP) re-union in Jinja.

The reunion, which was initially blocked by Police, took place at Kakinda Stadium on Wednesday and was graced by leaders of different opposition parties as well as members of parliament and hundreds of party members.

Speaking at the event, Pastor Bwanika demanded to know what would be his reward for his efforts to dislodge President Museveni.

“I don’t want to go into this fight, not knowing what I will end up with when we come out,” he said.

“Mr Bobi Wine, I want you to know that I am in this war too. I didn’t come in this war to just help you. I too have things I am fighting for,” he remarked amid deafening applause.

“We are not here to help anybody. Everyone has to know what they are taking home. We have to split every thing.”


On his part, Hon Bobi Wine without directly responding to Bwanika, warned opposition leaders against losing focus.

The Kyadondo East Mp warned that while most Ugandans “are ready to liberate themselves from Museveni, leaders in the opposition are lost in internal struggles.”

“We see that Ugandans are ready, but the question is, are we? When our people see us, do they see a group walking in tandem or one that’s fighting within itself?” he wondered.

“We must know that unity is our strength…We have to be united forces of change. We have to put our differences aside and focus only on what’s going to help our people.”

NRM Discipline

Bobi Wine also took time off to rebuke members of the audience who ceaselessly heckled DP President Norbert Mao, every time he took the microphone.

The MP said Ugandans fighting for change have to learn to be disciplined, the way those in the ruling NRM government are.

“The people we are fighting with have many problems, they are corrupt, but they have one thing we have to learn from them, and that is discipline,” he said.

“Whether they are looting the economy, they do so with discipline and precision. Even when they are trying to suppress us they do so with discipline. It is every important that we learn that kind of discipline and for us, it is more important because if we use it well, God will be with us.”

“It is not good when a leader is talking about things that they have researched, and we start heckling them.”


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