Busoga Teachers Hiring Mercenaries to Do Their Work


Some teachers in the eastern Busoga region are hiring outsiders to do their work as they go about other personal errands.

This was revealed during a meeting between Speaker Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga and the Busoga Education Initiative (BEI).

Mr. Hammis Mugendawala, a planning official in charge of education and skills at BEI blamed this on infrastructural gaps.

Mugendawala says this has in turn led to decline in quality learning delivery.

“In most schools what is going on is that the teachers who are there are just proxies. The main teachers who were employed by government are doing other things, they have brought in people who are teaching in their names” Mugendawala revealed.

Without naming schools, he said some have gone three years without seeing a school inspector, which is against set laws.

Asked what could be the cause, Mugendawala intimated that a number of vehicles that were procured for school inspection have since been hijacked by top district leaders.


“I was surprised that CAOs and district chairpersons are the ones using them. If you buy a car and CAO takes it there is no way you can demand it from your boss. They even take motorcycles and this was an issue in Buyende”.

In instances where inspectors have visited these schools, they have been duped into believing those present are the actual teachers.

Explaining further, Amb Agnes Kadama Kalibbala, Chairperson BEI retorted that those employed to teach are instead senior one and two failures.

On her part, Kadaga pointed out that they need to work in tandem to weed this and other unbecoming practices once and for all.

This consortium was formed in February this year with the aim of uplifting education standards in the region.


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