Busoga Gets New Bishop

Minister of Agriculture Animal Industry and fisheries who is also the MP Bufumbira South in Kisoro district Tress Bucyanayandi has quit elective politics.

Bucyanayandi has been the area MP since 2006 when he defeated Sam Bitangaro on an independent ticket.

He says he will not be seeking a third term thanks to old age. At 78 years he says it is time for fresh blood to take over.

Bucyanayandi before joining politics had served as a technocrat in the agricultural sector 1962.

“Am not standing  because of age as now 78 years of age as I have worked for government for the last 52 years  since January  1962, sale ”  said Bucyanayandi.

The minster was speaking to our reporter in Kabale on the sidelines of the meeting of the south western Uganda tea nursery farmers at Kirigime Guest House.

In the brief interview, website like this the minister a highlighted a growing challenge of Ugandan leaders disregarding the potential of the young people taking over leadership on the country.

Bucyanayandi  was elected  Bufumbira  south member of parliament in 2006 on an independent ticket  after losing in the NRM primaries  lawyer  Sam  Bitangaro  who was then the  member  of parliament  after succeeding  state  minister  of  regional cooperation Dr Philemon Mateke  who had quit the seat to stand as Kisoro LC5 boss.


Sam Bitangaro we understand is once again seeking to regain the parliamentary seat in next year’s elections.

South Sudan Resistance Movement (SSRM) has denied claims by SPLM-in-Opposition that the former’s members captured in Akobo County, order Upper Nile State in early July are “state agents.”

SSRM was formed by former SPLM-In-Opposition spokesperson Brig Lul Koang to woo insurgents back into the mainstream South Sudan army.

Several members of SSRM were caught by Dr Riek Machar’s movement (SPLA-In-Opposition) before being accused of being spies and detained.

The incident sparked fury from Koang’s group, search saying the development underscores SPLM/IO’s “unwillingness to find a peaceful solution to the ongoing destructive conflict.”

SSRM spokesperson, Thuoknaath Thuokok told ChimpReports on Saturday that rebels should have responded to the message of peace instead of capturing the envoys.

“In early July 2015, a three man Peace Caravan comprising of two sons from Lou-Nuer Counties of Akobo, Uror and a third peace loving Nuer son from Longchuk County Upper Nile State were sent to deliver message of peace and reconciliation to Lou-Nuer leaders in Akobo County,” said Thuoknaath.

“Instead of the rebel local leadership to provide response on message of peace delivered to them, they detained the peace messengers, manufactured wild and baseless allegations that they had captured pro-government security agents,” he added.

“It’s completely not true and unfounded that those two sons from Greater Akobo and their comrade from Gajaak-Nuer were sent to spy on the rebels as alleged.”

The war in South Sudan has left thousands dead and many more displaced internally and in neighbouring countries.

World leaders have given South Sudan’s warring parties up to August to sign a peace agreement or face sanctions.

Thuoknaath said Dr. Riek Machar was upset on hearing the news that the people of Akobo County in particular and Greater Akobo in general were starting have an “internal dialogue at grass root level, a process he perceived to be a direct threat to stalled IGAD Plus peace where he has been acting like a political middleman and falsely projected himself as the sole representative of interests of Nuer people.”

The SSRM spokesperson further pointed out that “with his usual divide and rule tactics, Dr. Machar ordered junior officers and civil authorities to arrest the three peace messengers despite the fact that they have had successful engagements with some of the very people who arrested them.”

He said the rebels’ action of detaining peace messengers violates acceptable local norms and principles guiding people-to-people dialogue as well as contravenes international conventions on peacemaking processes and mechanisms.

SSRM appealed to IGAD Plus, Trioka, AU and EU to put pressure on SPLM/SPLA IO leadership to immediately release members of SSRM/SSRA Peace Mission to Akobo County.

The movement’s leadership also called upon ICRC to visit the detained peace makers “in order to know and ensure that their rights are not violated as well as to establish communication with their loved ones.”

Presidential hopeful Amama Mbabazi is pondering on allying with opposition to remove President Museveni from power come 2016, pill Chimp Corps report.

Speaking to the media on Friday at his residence in Kololo, mind Mbabazi made his first condemnation of opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye’s arrest which he said grossly violated the laws of the land.

“The arrests, link torture and in some cases near week-long disappearances of my supporters, as well as the arrest of Dr Kizza Besigye, are an obscene violation of the basic human rights guaranteed by our Constitution.”

He added, in a statement that confirms his intended participation in a possible opposition coalition: “The arrest of my daughter, as well as my own, was simply illegitimate and only served to illuminate the lawless forces at work in this nation; the lawless forces whose intentions we, united and strong, will defeat.”

Mbabazi, insiders say, will use existing opposition infrastructure, networks and radio stations to popularise his bid.

The objective, this website has been told, is to divide the NRM vote between Mbabazi and Museveni thus giving opposition an upper hand in the 2016 election.

It is hoped that after denying Museveni a 51 percent win, a re-run would galvanise opposition forces to rally behind one candidate and remove Museveni from power.

However, observers say this will be a hugely difficult task given the deepening internal divisions within major opposition parties.

The Democratic Party has since split into two splinter groups, with one loyal to Norbert Mao and another to Erias Lukwago.

Lukwago’s group has since vowed to send its leader to The Democratic Alliance while Mao has vowed stiff resistance.

In the Uganda People’s Congress, Jimmy Akena is involved in a bitter power struggle with President Olara Otunnu.

FDC appears fairly organised with hopes that Dr Kizza Besigye will be sent to The Democratic Alliance as the party’s choice for the 2016 elections.

Mbabazi’s challenge winning opposition members’ confidence as many suspect he could return to President Museveni’s camp.

On June 30, a group of Members of Parliament from Northern Uganda vowed to abandon their political parties if Mbabazi was welcomed into the opposition alliance.

MPs including Bernard Atiku of Ayivu County and Gilbert Oulanya of Kilak County said they are not ready to facilitate Mbabazi to achieve his own selfish interests.

“I have been on record that the moment my party Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) associates with Hon Mbabazi I am out!” warned MP Atiku.


Besigye has equally expressed his fears about Mbabazi’s commitment to the change of government, saying, “He needs to be clearer and condemn government excesses.”

The FDC president this week said at a rally that Mbabazi and Museveni are not any different, urging voters to stick with him.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, Mbabazi said he believed it is time for two changes: “a change in governance and a change of guard. A peaceful transition with no bloodshed. My deepest desire is to restore good governance and steer that peaceful transition of power from one generation to the next.”

He further stated that, “The coming election is not simply about a change of leader, but about changing systems in Uganda for this generation and generations to come.”

Mbabazi was last year toppled as Prime Minister and NRM Secretary General after he intensified his grassroots mobilisation campaign to succeed President Museveni.

The former Defence Minister was accused of “premature electioneering,” a charge he vehemently denied.

The House of Bishops  has elected Rev. Canon Paul Samson Naimanhye as the new Bishop for Busoga Diocese replacing  Rt. Rev Dr. Michael Kyomya who is set to retire in January 2016.

According to officials from the Anglican Church, this the House of Bishops meeting  under the theme “Let your Light Shine” sat at Lweza Training conference center on Friday 31, and July and  was facilitated by  Foley Beach  the Archbishop of the Anglican Church in North .


Born on 24th December 1960, Rev. Can. Naimanhye is married to Florence Lydia Naimanhye and the couple is blessed with three children.

The man of God holds a Bachelor of Divinity degree from Uganda Christian University, a Provincial certificate in Theology, and a Diploma in Business Administration.

He is currently serving at the Dean of Christ’s Cathedral, Bugembe, in Busoga Diocese.

The consecration and enthronement function will take place in   January  at Christ’s Cathedral, Bugembe.



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