Busingye Takes NRM Flag for Central Elderly MP

The Chairperson of the NRM Electoral Commission in the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Dr Tanga Odoi over the weekend declared Peninah Busingye Kalenge the winner of the party ticket on the post of elderly Member of Parliament representing Central Region.

In the election, Busingye scored 166 VOTES (75.5%) while Captain Francis Babu scored 9 votes (4.1%), Naluyima Flavia got 22 votes (2.7%), Sempangi Kefa got 11 votes (5%), Sentongo Teopista 8 votes (3.6%), Lutakome Musisi 6 votes and Musimenta Doreen didn’t get any vote

Addressing journalists later on, Kalenge promised to work with all her competitors to come up with a more detailed manifesto aimed at improved service delivery.

“It’s time we put aside all our differences and focus on serving Ugandans. All candidates had good plans which I hope after our meeting we shall find means of using them to improve the wellbeing of elders in the country.”

Kalenge also said she intended to persuade fellow legislators to reduce at the age which people start getting elderly grant from 80 to at least 60 years.

“Also the amount of money they get has to be at least increased from 25000/= to 50,000,” she added.”

Busingye is expected to face candidates from other parties as well as independents on the same slot in the fourth coming 2011 elections.

In July this year after considering views and public outcry the Cabinet which sat on Monday 6th July approved the elderly as a special interest group to have five Parliamentary Representatives.


Other special interest groups with representatives in Parliament include Army, Youth , Women , Workers and People with disability.

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