Businessman Attacks Land Inquiry Lawyer Over Property

Business man Ben Mugisha has attacked Ebert Byenkya the lead counsel for the Land Inquiry, accusing him of grabbing his building located in Entebbe, Wakiso district.

In his letter to the Land Inquiry dated 10th April 2019, Mugisha alleges that in January 2015 they made an agreement with Byenkya to sell to him his Apartments worthy 1.5 million US Dollars, but unfortunately Byenkya failed to fulfil the terms and conditions, which lead him into losses.

Mugisha says that he was surprised to find his building which he has never been paid in full all in the dailies and all over social media as one of the items listed for sale

“I agreed with him and made the sale agreement, we signed on 1st June 2015. He agreed to pay my loan because the property was mortgaged to Housing Finance Bank. He promised to pay me and my business partners the balance after removing the money for the loan in June 2016.”

Mugisha added that after the agreement, he handed the building to Byenkya under his company of Cwezi which started collecting rent as they paid the bank loan for a limited period of time.

“He paid the loan for a few months irregularly and in 2017, he stopped paying the loan completely. After more than 20 months of not paying, the bank advertised my property for sale on 4th December 2018.”

On matters regarding the loan, Mugisha pointed out that he had thought to recover the loan money from rent but unfortunately Byenkya’s company still collects the money which doesn’t pay neither to the bank nor to him

It’s from the above backgrounds that Mugisha decided to drag the counsel to court with a hope  that court could order him out of the building in time, but the matter  has taken long yet the period in which he had to pay the loan got is over, leaving him in fear of losing his Apartments containing 15 flats.


In an interview with Chimp reports about these claims, counsel Byenkya described the allegations as baseless accusations aimed at destroying his reputation in the public.

“There is a smear campaign being orchestrated by a couple of lawyers one of whom is called John Musiime, a nephew to Ben Mugisha who is my former employee, but I will not succumb to blackmail.”

Byenkya went ahead and refuted the allegations that he is being investigated by the commission.

“He has been circulating a letter supposedly written by Ben Mugisha who is not even in the Country to all media houses; the claim was that, I was being investigated by the Land Commission inquiry, which is false.”

On allegations of overstaying in Mugisha’s apartment without paying rent, Byenkya said that they relocated from Mugisha’s property and it’s currently being managed by another individual who is not known to them.

He has asked Mugisha not to rush with conclusion on legal matters because currently there is a pending suit over the same matter before High court commercial division.

On financial claims Byenkya revealed that since the building has been handed over to another party yet they paid some money to Mugisha, he has vowed to use legal procedures in claiming back his money.

“We are lodging a counterclaim because we kept on servicing the mortgage until when they filed the suit.

Now that its sold to someone else, we will definitely claim our money,” Byenkya warned .


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