Businessman Abid Alam Granted Bail

Buganda Road grade one Magistrate Ketty Joan Acaa has released on bail businessman Abid Alam who is accused of conspiring with Police officers to defeat justice.

Alam has been ordered to pay 3 million shillings cash, while each of his three sureties were ordered to sign a non-cash bond on top of depositing their National Identity cards in court.

The Magistrate before releasing the suspect, said he was convinced that all sureties presented were substantial and would compel the applicant to turn up for hearing of the matter.

The sureties presented by the businessman included Peacock paints boss Hajji Kaddu Kiberu, Professor Gordon Wavamunno and Rajin Taylor a former Buganda state minster for Economic Planning.

Abid was intercepted last month on his way to Mattuga by State House Anti-corruption unit and was produced before Buganda road court where he was charged with offences of conspiring with 4 police officers to defeat the course of justice.

It’ s alleged that on 8th April 2020 between Mityana regional police office and in Kampala district the police officers released confidential information in Police case file number CRB 234/2020 Alam.

These charges resulted from actions of people said to be attached to the businessman who destroyed people’s houses, banana plantations, raped women and assaulted people in Bukoba village.


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