Business: Ten Ideas to Consider Before Investing in a Day Care Center

Some people have money but don’t know what business to invest in.

There are quite a number of businesses one can invest in and make money and a day care center is one of them.

Currently most parents are too busy with work and maids aren’t trustworthy.

Therefore, a day care center is a lucrative business as most parents now make good use of them.

Day care centers take care of children between two months to three years when the child is ready for nursery.

Here is what is required to start a day care center in Uganda.

Do research

Mike Mugumya, a financial adviser, says you should do an ample research on what is needed for one to start a day care center.


For example Ministry of Education needs you to have a tenants agreement or land title to show the day care Center can be trusted; an LC III letter for security reasons and a recommendation later from the Inspector of Schools in your area that shows you have all that is required to start a Day Care Center. You also need qualified teachers from a reorganized institution.

Strategic place

Mugumya adds that for every business to thrive, it should be strategically located. You should look out for a place with many working parents who are able to pay for their children in a day care center.

Friendly and experienced staff

Since you are dealing with children, you need qualified, motherly, loving and friendly staff who will handle the children well.

Uganda Investment Opportunity describes Day Care Centers as early Childhood development. So you need staff that will prepare the children for nursery.

You also need enough staff as these children are vulnerable and need much attention.

He says the ratio of children to caretaker should be 5: 1 and for babies 3:1 for easy management.

Learning and playing materials

Aisha Kabatanzi, a teacher, says children go to Day Care Centers to grow, play and learn simple basics, like differentiating objects, using the toilet, talking, sharing, and socializing with others among others.

You need simple picture books for them to shade, coloured materials as well as playing materials like toys.

You need beddings, bed sheets, extra clothes in case the children mess themselves up and well as extra pampers.

Security and First aid

Mugumya adds that you should have tight security since you are dealing with children.

He says there should be someone to make sure the children are picked by their parents or an authorized person.

You also need a first aid Kit as children get accidents consistently.

“In case you have enough money, consider installing cameras. This will help you supervise your employees as well as the children’s movements,” he says.


Any environment with children should be extremely clean.

The toilet should be cleaned constantly to avoid diseases. Their bed sheets, cups and plates, bottles for toddlers should all be kept clean.


Mugumya notes that most Day Care Centers charge between Shs 7000 to Shs 50,000 a day depending on the age and condition of the child.

Those that need more attention pay higher costs. This is the range you should look at. The money can be paid per day, per month or per term.


There should be plenty of food for the children,. children love to eat Irish potatoes, rice , milk so make sure you have that kind of food at your center.

Separate rooms

Kabatanzi notes that you should have a number of rooms as you need to separate the children according to their age.

Babies of 2 months can’t be kept in the same room with children of two years.

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