Business Remains Slow at Reopened Katuna Border

Katuna border post in Kabale, on Monday remained dull in spite of being reopened for the first time in over three months by Rwandan authorities.

The border post was abruptly closed on 28th February 2019 leading to a souring of relations between Uganda and Rwanda.

It was temporarily opened this morning by the Rwanda Revenue Authority supposedly to enable heavy trucks do trials on the road between.

The border will be open from today to June 22nd.

Davis Karibwije, a businessman at Katuna told us when we arrived at the border this afternoon, that despite the reopening announcement, no single truck has been seen crossing in from Rwanda or from Uganda to Rwanda.

Earlier this morning, Government spokesman Ofwono Opondo said Uganda has sought clarification from Rwanda on whether or not Ugandan goods would be allowed across Katuna.

“Uganda has received official letter from the government of Rwanda notifying temporary opening of the border at Katuna,” he said.

“Uganda has had no problems but has sought clarification if entry of its goods will be permitted.”


Mizumoto Horii, the Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Japan in Uganda visited the border this morning and was accompanied by Katuna town council leaders on a tour.

Mr Mizumoto thanked the leaders in Katuna for keeping calm and close with the people in spite of the closure of the border, which has affected their business.

On his part, Nelson Nshangabasheija, the Katuna town council chairman urged the Rwandan government to expedite the opening of the Katuna to allow full business to resume.

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