Busia: Museveni Rallies Support for Wanyama

President Museveni has Monday camped in Busia to drum up support for NRM candidate Stephen Wanyama Oundo ahead of Thursday’s LC-V vote.

Museveni introduced Wanyama to the electorate,  saying he is the right man for the slot if the area is to register development.

Wanyama is facing stiff resistance from opposition flag-bearer, Deo Hasubi Njoki.

Several opposition leaders including Norbert Mao, Mohammed Kibirige Mayanja and Mugisha Muntu are in the area combing houses for Njoki.

The vote is a big test for the opposition’s coalition after throwing its entire weight behind Njoki.

President Museveni warned area residents against electing leaders who do not transform their areas, adding, government will work hard to improve the economic conditions of the people of Busia if they embrace the NRM candidate.

Museveni further utilized the moment to sensitise residents on wealth creation and warned against land fragmentation.

A mammoth crowd turned up for Museveni's rally in Busia
A mammoth crowd turned up for Museveni’s rally in Busia


In another development, President Museveni today paid tribute to the late Danny Hyuha Haumba for his contribution to the Banyole people in Butaleja district and to Uganda, especially for writing books and for educating his children.

“I salute the late Hyuha and also salute his contribution which is a challenge to us because he has done his part,” said Museveni.

“I did not know Hyuha very well but from the reports, he was a very active member of the Banyole and for Uganda especially for writing books.”

Museveni said the deceased educated a lot of people and the large number of people is a good testimony. He also educated his children.

“By leading the children and educating them, Hyuha is not dead. Children are very important when they are educated,” he said.

The President made the remarks at the commemoration of the late Hyuha at the deceased’s home in Kachonga B village in Butaleja District.

The late Hyuha was husband to Hon. Dorothy Hyuha former Deputy Secretary General of NRM, presently a member of the Central Executive Committee (CEC).

He passed away on December 9 at the age of 67 years.

The President noted that although late Hyuha had died when still young he had done his work for the family, Uganda and to the education sector.

Mr. Museveni said he has known Mrs. Dorothy Hyuha for being active in the NRM Party adding that it was the reason they campaigned for her to get the post of the Deputy Secretary General of NRM Party along with many other appointments in government including serving as Minister without Portfolio.

The President urged the children of late Hyuha and the people of Bunyole to emulate him in memory of his immense contribution to the development of the area.

Regarding development President Museveni stressed to the people of Butaleja the importance of undertaking commercial farming on large scale and said that was one of the ways to eliminate household poverty.

He re-emphasized proper assessment of the production activities people have to undertake to gauge properly the profitability of their ventures. He identified agriculture without calculations and land fragmentation as the major causes of social problems in Uganda and Africa.

Mrs. Dorothy Hyuha thanked the President for giving vehicles to Butaleja district religious leaders. She said her late husband worked with different organizations that endeared him to many people.

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