Bushenyi Woman MP Candidate Kansiime Withdraws from Race

Eunice Tworekirwe Kansiime, one of the candidates nominated for the Bushenyi district woman MP seat on the independent ticket, has withdrawn from the race.

Kansiime, who was an NRM-leaning independent cited the need to maintain cohesion in her party as the reason for her exit.

Tworekirwe made the pronouncement in a statement on Sunday in which she said that she was advised by ‘concerned’ senior party leaders and elders to consider withdrawing her candidature.”

“Permit me to notify you that after deep reflection upon the words of the senior NRM leaders and various opinion leaders, I have decided to bow out of the Bushenyi District Woman M.P race.” Tworekirwe announced.

“Following my nomination to run as an Independent candidate, I was approached by concerned senior leadership of the NRM party both at NRM secretariat and district who requested that I consider withdrawing my candidature since I am equally an NRM supporter who firmly believes in its ideology of socio-economic transformation, patriotism, democracy and Pan-Africanism,” Tworekirwe’s statement reads in part.

She added that her continued candidature would fuel intrigue and cause disharmony amongst NRM supporters in Bushenyi, and divide the NRM party.

“NRM senior leaders reasoned that my continued candidature would fuel intrigue and cause disharmony amongst NRM supporters in Bushenyi; and divide them between myself and the flag bearer which would prejudice NRM and give room and leverage to the opposition to exploit.”

Tworekirwe further stated that withdrawing from the race was a difficult decision to make, but she had to make it for purposes of avoiding intrigue and disunity in NRM party.


Her withdrawal from the Woman MP race comes on the heels of reports that the Bashaasha family, where she is an in-law had made attempts to stop her from contesting.

In her statement, Tworekirwe denied the reports regarding them as false and uncoordinated.

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