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Burundi VP Gervais Rufyikiri Flees as Grenade Blast Hits Bujumbura

President Paul Kagame has described as “contemptible” United Kingdom’s decision to arrest Rwandan Intelligence chief, order http://concasol.org/wp-admin/includes/taxonomy.php General Karenzi Karake, http://davepallone.com/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/capabilities.php whom he described as a “freedom fighter who has brought us where we are as a people.”

A visibly enraged Kagame reminded Rwandans of an attempt to “wipe us off the earth” during the 1994 genocide, http://checkhimout.ca/testing/wp-includes/class-wp-http-proxy.php adding, the country will not accept “this rubbish.”

Kagame, who fought side by side with Karenzi in the 1990-4 liberation war that saw the RPF seize power and stop the genocide, said the General’s arrest is intended to “inconvenience and destabilise Rwanda.”

The President emphasised that UK’s arrest of the Director General of National Intelligence and Security Services “shows nothing but total contempt they have for Rwanda and Africans.”

Kagame made the remarks on Thursday afternoon during the swearing-in ceremony of the new Education minister, Dr Papias Malimba Musafiri, four new parliamentarians and new judges at the Parliament Buildings in Kigali.

This is the first time Kagame is speaking out on Karake’s arrest in London last Saturday.

He revealed to MPs that Kigali was informed by UK authorities that they had the “legal obligation” to extradite Gen Karenzi, who was on official duty, to Spain where is wanted on charges of crimes against humanity and genocide.

Kagame, in what appeared a move to rally the nation behind government’s diplomatic assault on UK to secure the release of Karenzi, said “being pushed against the wall builds resilience and anger. Left with nothing else, build on that spirit and come back in full strength.”


He pointed out that while Rwanda lacks a superior military strength compared to the western world, “we are proud of the spirit of resilience.”

Kagame said no “descent person in Africa or anywhere else can accept this,” warning, “this is not the first time, and it won’t be the last.”

He said it began with France arresting senior RPF officials then Spain and now UK.

“I don’t know who’s going to come next,” he added.

The President said Rwanda “decided on what we want to become – not Spain, UK or France,” adding, “No one will ever decide for Rwandans what we want to become.”

Karake, the Director General of National Intelligence and Security Services – a specialised spy body that brings together civilian and military surveillance units, was put into custody on Saturday after arriving at Heathrow Airport in UK.

He had spent a week in London and was due to return back home in Kigali.

London Police said in media interviews that Karake was held in connection with Spanish Court’s indictment of 40 former or serving RPF military commanders on charges of crimes against humanity.

It is alleged Karake committed the offences in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo during his reign as military intelligence director in the aftermath of the 1994 genocide.

Kigali maintains the charge is preposterous.


In a veiled attack on UK, which contributes considerably to Rwanda’s national budget, Kagame added: “People say we are friends and support your development. Do you support my development and take away my dignity?”

Kagame expressed shock that the west which has “killed millions of African people” can leave the 1994 genocide perpetrators to walk freely in western capitals and arrest “those who stopped the genocide.”

He asked: “How on earth can we put our lives on the line to save our country and our people and at the end of the day we are killers?”

Kagame summed up the unfolding developments as “history repeating itself in a different form” and as “a continuation of slavery, of colonialism, of violence and bigotry.”

He further hinted at a bigger conspiracy to plunge Rwanda back into violence, insisting, “Those who tried to wipe us out did not give up because they forgave us, they gave up because they failed to achieve it.”

Warning that Rwanda will never ever “accept that people will do to us whatever they want because they can,” Kagame emphasised that Karake’s arrest underlined highest levels of arrogance.

He stressed that Africans have now become shooting targets, adding, how “they treat illegal immigrants is how they want to treat all Africans.”

“Why arrest someone basing on claims from a wanted criminal?” he wondered. He said UK has no basis on which to arrest the intelligence chief.

He said some “rogues in the Diaspora” had already started tweeting about Karenzi’s arrest even before it happened.

Kagame said the perpetrators of the genocide wanted to change the narrative and shift blame to the liberators and also “cover their responsibility by saying it’s not us, it is savages of Africa who killed each other.”

The president said Rwanda’s struggles need a lot of thinking and cautioned that “Being patient is not just about time. It is also what you do with the time.”

To avoid being seen as fanning anti-western sentiments, Kagame urged Rwandans to remain calm despite the possibility of “anger influencing you to make mistakes.”

He said Rwandans must “have a spirit that is not easily broken. We must prevail”

Gen Karenzi is expected at the Westminster Magistrate Court on Thursday.
“So David triumphed over the Philistine (goliath) with a sling and a stone; without a sword in his hand he struck down Goliath and killed him.” This is a famous story quote from the book 1 Samuel 17:50, this web http://clark-illustration.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-super-cache/wp-cache-phase1.php and perhaps one of the inspirations for one man born in Mt. Darwin, recipe 42 years ago in the capital city of Zimbabwe in Harare.

Lordmore  Karanda has decided to fight all odds to see himself at the helm of world football most powerful seat, the Fifa Presidency, backed by one of the greatest Senegalese-born-American hip hop superstar, Akon.

Chimpreports’s Fred Mwambu caught up with Mr. Lordmore Karanda has this interview.

Chimpreports: what spurred you to think of that job?

Mr. Karanda: I am passionate about football development and the game itself to develop throughout the world by supporting women into the sport. I have always enjoyed the beautiful game and I cannot sit and watch while corruption damages the big game. So I feel it’s my responsibility to harness the supply of development funding and bring back people to account.

Chimpreports: How do you expect to achieve that?

Mr. Karanda: I will prioritize honesty, transparency, racism, corruption if Fifa has to survive the coming 5 years as an organization. I will setup a system which will be associated user-friendly and representing the interests of all footballing nations regardless of how much money they have and successful their leagues are.

Chimpreports: You talked of supporting the women, what will you do exactly?

Mr. Karanda: I will empower women into positions so that they promote the game in their countries. It will be my goal to make sure every child has access to a football coach from age 5-16 years as this is an area which suffers most as most coaches concentrate on matured players playing in leagues.

Chimpreports: why did you choose Fifa presidency and not Zimbabwe FA which is ailing?

Mr. Karanda: I have bigger ambitions to help the world football as much as Africa which is still behind. In our Shona culture we say if you attack a big snake, you better start with the head as the tail will not kill the snake.

Chimpreports: One big hip hop music star has thrown his weight behind you, tell us about it.

Mr. Karanda:  Yes. Akon who has embarked on a multi-million dollar solar project in Africa bringing light to 600 million felt he should bring light to football fans as well as his former nation Senegal. I have asked for USD 100,000 knowing how expensive the campaign will be.

Chimpreports: several big shots in football have shown interest in the job for example Diego Maradona; don’t you think you will be inferior?

Mr. Karanda: It is not about being a former world football star player to contest but the integrity and passion to drive the exciting game forward as a brand and business uniting nations like Israel and Palestine and all those nations who are still bitter with each other because of their difference as football will unite people. I will be the first black president making history in the football world coming from a small country in Africa which has not won African cup or qualified to the world cup.

Chimpreports: Do you have any last word?

Mr. Karanda: I know that i am punching above my weight but for you to win anything you need to launch a challenge and throw a few punches. I might not be financially or physically heavy weight but my football brain is tactically aware of the new tricks like nutmegs and rondo sessions with nous.

Chimpreports: Ok. We wish you success.

Mr. Karanda: Thank you.

Mr. Lordmore Karanda is a senior football administrator in Zimbabwe and owner of Zimbabwe Football Development Academy (-Centre of football Excellence and National Health Service 2014). He studied Criminology at St George’s University of London, a Zimbabwe Football philosopher, Entrepreneur, football coach and philanthropist based in the UK.

Burundi’s Second Vice President Gervais Rufyikiri has fled the country, visit http://corcoranproductions.com/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/class-wc-embed.php citing personal security reasons before urging President Pierre Nkurunziza to step down.

This is seen as a big blow to President Nkurunziza’s government ahead of next month’s presidential elections.

In a two-page statement seen by ChimpReports, price Rufyikiri said Nkurunziza must “Defend the interests of the Burundian people before your own personal interests”.

The latest development came just hours after a grenade blast injured 8 people in Bujumbura, check the latest in a series of attacks after Nkurunziza chose to maintain his hold onto power.

Dozens of University students have camped at the U.S. Embassy in Bujumbura in fear of the violence spreading across the city and neighbouring towns.

United Nations say political atmosphere is too tense to allow the conducting of free and fair elections.

Nkurunziza is expected to launch his presidential bid today Thursday in Busoni, Kirundo ahead of next month’s elections.

Several high profile Burundi government officials have since fled the country.

Presidential spokesperson, Willy Nyamitwe denied reports that Rufyikiri’s life was threatened.

He said in a brief comment: “Goodbye and good riddance”.

UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon recently said he was concerned by the political crisis in Burundi, “which threatens to undo more than a decade of work to consolidate peace and reconciliation in the country”.

Burundi continues to grapple with unprecedented levels of violence after President Pierre Nkurunziza refused to step down after serving his mandatory two terms in office.

Nkurunziza maintains he served only one term by adult suffrage, the first one being by Parliament’s appointment.

The ruling party CNDD-FDD this week announced it had pulled out of talks with the opposition.

CNDD-FDD President Pascal Nyabenda said in a statement on Tuesday that, “Those who do not want the elections have chosen to hide behind the dialogue to continue their project of destabilization of the institutions established by the people.”

“Anyone who tries to stop the electoral process, whether in Burundi or abroad, will be considered by the party CNDD-FDD on the same footing as those who tried to overthrow the government in a coup on May 13, 2015,” warned Nyabenda.

The opposition and international community had urged Bujumbura to consider the view of postponing the elections.

However, Nyabenda pointed out that, “Nowhere in the Burundian constitution is it written that the electoral timetable is established by politicians. It is the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) that has the powers to establish the electoral calendar, as provided in Article 91 of the constitution.”

He also asked “police to punish mercilessly whosoever will disrupt the elections in order to let the chance to Burundians to establish democratic institutions as provided for in the constitution.”

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