Bursary Scams Unearthed at Ivan Semwanga’s School

Hardly a month after the burial of fallen businessman Ivan Semwanga, Ugandans in South Africa have unearthed a trail of complaints around Brooklyn city College.

The college is one of the many schools the late socialite owned.

Interactions between concerned Ugandans in South Africa and a whistleblower identified as Stephen Twinoburyo from a few years ago have surfaced.

In the thread, Ugandans are seen complaining on how the college reportedly promised bursaries that never saw light, leaving unsuspecting students stranded.

“Please make it known to the Ugandan community that Brooklyn City College in South Africa has scammed unsuspecting Ugandan students with a promise of bursaries which did not materialize once they arrived in South Africa,” part of the message from David WR reads.

“They are now on the streets and struggling to come back home. The other day I even took one of them to the Ugandan Embassy to see if they could assist him go home,” he added.

David also adds that, “The bursaries were promised to the Buganda Kingdom by the so called Shaba Wa Shaba (Ivan Semwanga) the owner of Brooklyn City College in Pretoria.”

The school, it should be noted, is now under socialite Zari Hassan.


She assumed authority last weekend after a meeting with Semwanga’s family and city tycoon Godfrey Kirumira.

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