Bundibugyo: Heavy Rains Leave Trail Of Tears, Destruction

Following heavy rains that hit Bundibugyo on Sunday 21st July 2019, heavy flooding was registered leaving many households affected.

According to Irene Nakasita, the Public Relation Manager Uganda Red Cross, the response team Bundibugyo branch swung in action and carried out a rapid assessment to ascertain the damage caused, families affected and immediate needs of the people.

“In close liaison with the district disaster management committee as well as local authorities, the Red Cross response team dispatched to the affected areas.”

a house filled with mud after the devastating floods

According to Nakasita, 285 households with a population of about 2834 persons have been affected reaching far into Ntoroko Sub County.

The most hit villages she says include; Kirumya town center, Kirumya East, Bundimagwara1, Bugando 11 and Habendu and business within Kirumya market is also affected since farmers can’t access the gardens and market areas.

She notes that 22 houses were swept away and many houses partially filled by the mud and running water leaving people with no shelter and household property destroyed.

“Gardens and kitchens were also destroyed, latrines and graves yards submerged too. Due to flooding, there’s likelihood of diarrhea diseases and other wash related concerns like lack of access to clean and safe water.”

Due to much coldness, she notes that families are exposed to diseases like pneumonia and malaria, putting lives especially for children and pregnant mothers at risk.

crops swept away from the garden by the heavy floods

She also says  that food crops have been heavily affected, hence lack of food or hunger.

“Through the local branch office, we are engaging the district leadership to find temporary space to shelter the most affected families. Temporary shelter arrangements/ provisions to be made as per humanitarian standards,” she said.

“In close coordination with the Office of the Prime Minister, we have embarked on the process of registering the affected people.”

Community engagement on Health concerns/ education has started to mitigate potential Heath threats. This is being done through the local community media.

Communities are engaged / trained on proper disposal of human waste, other fecal material disposal as well as encouraging them to boil all water for drinking.

Nakasita says there is need to provide temporary moblets at public places like churches, schools, market places and open fields where people have sought refuge.

red cross response team checking out the areas affected

“There’s need for food and other non-food items to help people cope.  Need for clean and safe water provision (if possible add aqua tabs to purify water drawn from open water sources.)”

She states that families need household items for day today use like blankets, kitchen items, and tarpaulins and also continued community sensitizations in line with emergency Health standards.

Uganda Red Cross Disaster response team notes the fact that as per weather predictions, Uganda continues to receive rain throughout August 2019.

Therefore communities especially those in disaster prone areas are called upon to take heed.


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