Bukenya: DP Runs in My Blood

Former Uganda Cranes and SC Villa midfielder Steven Bengo has been suspended for two weeks, this http://davescheapbikes.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/class.jetpack-options.php fined half his February salary and ordered to apologise to head coach Sam Ssimbwa for breaking the rules.

The latest development from our Villa source reveals president Ben Misagga is actually contemplating canceling senior player Bengo’s contract if he doesn’t change after he reportedly threatened to punch assistant coach Ibrahim Kirya and belittled team manager Sulait Makumbi, dosage http://clovellysurfclub.com.au/wp-content/plugins/wp-pagenavi/scb/options.php who had pointed out his mistakes during their 1-0 win against Sadolin Paint FC on Tuesday.

Not done, mind http://creativecommons.org/wordpress/wp-includes/class-wp-customize-widgets.php on Wednesday evening Bengo had another fight with Simbwa during training at Nakivubo with the mess evaporating after Bengo passed a lazy ball meant for Erias Ssekisambu forcing Chrysostom  Ntambi to intervene and collect the pass an instance that forced coach Simbwa to rebuke him.

Steven Bengo celebrates scoring for Villa by carrying teammate David Bagoole on the back during the game against Victoria University in December 2014
Steven Bengo celebrates scoring for Villa by carrying teammate David Bagoole on the back during the game against Victoria University in December 2014

Bengo however vehemently insisted Simbwa is witch-hunting him by claiming that he trains while drunk and blasted off the coach telling him to do his job and leave the player to do as he wishes an utterance that sent Simbwa into rage saying Bengo had become too much and would spoil fellow players.

After training, Sam Simbwa wrote to Misagga a letter saying he didn’t want to see Bengo at the club for two weeks which the club boss endorsed.

Bengo had already accepted a charge of an aggravated breach of Villa’s player rules relating to references of disrespect, coming to training while drunk and use of violence. Villa CEO Ivan Kakembo is yet to release an official statement or reveal whether or not Bengo has requested a personal hearing.
Former Vice President Prof Gilbert Bukenya has revealed that despite having served as Vice President in the NRM government for a decade, click http://crewchiefpro.com/wp-admin/includes/bookmark.php “DP still runs in my blood.”

The controversial politician, pilule http://cultura-sueca.com.ar/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-render-embed-reversal-endpoint.php who broke ranks with NRM after being removed from the powerful second highest political position in the land, no rx http://chat.novaintermed.ro/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/uninstall.php told the DP Buganda Youth conference in Nsambya, Kampala that opposition must step up mobilisation to remove President Museveni from office.

“I don’t want to remain in opposition. I want power,” the trained medical doctor revealed.


“We have to join hands and look for someone from the central region. We have for long been blindly supporting Museveni but now we have seen the light,” he added.

Bukenya emphasised that, “The opposition should focus on making stronger mobilisation in the central region since it has the biggest number of voters if we want power.”

DP supporters from Buganda are holding a meeting at Sharing Hall, Nsambya with the main agenda of discussing “how to cause regime change in Uganda.”

In attendance is ousted Kampala Mayor Erias Lukwago and DP Nation coordinator, Moses Bigirwa among other leaders from different parts of Buganda.

“We should all get together, join forces genuinely to do away with the country’s biggest problem,” emphasised Bukenya.

On his part, Bigirwa said it’s “time for the youth to determine the future of the country. The old leaders are just gambling and not offering a solution to Ugandans.”

Several speakers said they were tired of infighting in the party over power and money ahead of the 2016 elections.

By 3:00pm, party President Norbert Mao was yet to arrive for the conference.

Members are expected to explore possibilities of removing Mao from the party presidency.

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