Bukedea: Youth Curious to take over NRM District Leadership

There is absolutely no doubt that “Wonders shall never seize to happen,” and such talk is nothing but the truth as seen in Bukedea District.

Bukedea district has been in leadership by the elderly people especially those stearing the National rulling party, National Resistance Movement (NRM), but a one youthful Samuel Musoke Mwaye has shocked party members in the district as he has disclosed to the public that he will be contesting as Chairman NRM in the district come 2021 elections,Chimp Corps report.

Musoke,a born of Kakere gagama in Bukedea, formerly the chairperson of the youth council of Bukedea district revealed to Chimpreports that he is ready to take over the leadership of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party in Bukedea district, athing the youth have never thought about before as it has been ‘a game’ for the elders in the district since it was alloted the district way back in 2007.

The 31 year-old Mwaye told ChimpReports that having seen that the party is losing support, he has decided to take the mantle to lead the NRM party which he loves and subscribes to.

“I want to rally as many young able-bodied people to the party as possible since I am seeing the great NRM leadership and structures dying in Bukedea.

I think now is the right time to raise the NRM flag high again in Bukedea,but this time round with a very strong team,” said Musoke.

The youthful Mwaye says he wants to bring on board the youth to the party.
“There’s no such a thing as NRM without the youth in Bukedea,it’s actually the reason there have been a lot of fights in the party.

And my strongest point here is that the youth should be involved in this game if the party is to remain strong in Bukedea.”
ChimpReports has established that a one James Michael Ongole,who is the current party chairman is interested in the LC5 seat,a position he has lost twice before.


On why the party should be steared by Young blood,Musoke said, “as you all know,the youth,as energetic they are,can deliver for the party and definately improve on the lobbying power of the party which helps members to benefit better.”

Musoke also called upon young people to take up posts and actively participate in politics if they want to change the way things are done in their society than play the ‘blame game’ all the time.

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