Bukedde TV Presenter Under Fire over Song Theft

Members of Parliament have asked the Works Minister, viagra 100mg http://cherrylanefarms.com/wp-admin/includes/class-plugin-upgrader-skin.php Abraham Byandala to step aside for the police investigations into his involvement in the multibillion Katosi road scandals.

Legislators on the African Parliamentarians` Network Against Corruption (APNAC- U) Uganda chapter, diagnosis http://cdcsmiles.com/wp-includes/post-template.php who addressed journalists at Parliament on Wednesday said Byandala’s decision to reach out to Prime Minister, Ruhakana Rugunda to protect him from the ongoing investigations was absurd and should not be tolerated.

Rugunda has since emphasised the probe into Byandala’s alleged influence peddling in the awarding of a contract to a bogus American construction firm for the Mukono-Katosi road will proceed without any hindrance.

APNAC- U members including their chairperson Gerald Karuhanga who is also the Western Uganda youth MP, Martin Drito, the Madi Okolo county MP and Matthias Mpuuga of Masaka Municipality MP observed that ministers who think they are above the law should quit their positions because every Ugandan should be accountable for any wrong doing.

“We lost confidence in the Works minister long time ago. My brother Byandala should step aside for investigations to go on smoothly,” Mpuuga who is also the national coordinator of Activist for Change, said at a press briefing in Parliament.

Mpuuga also called upon Rugunda to explain himself on the reports that he was trying to protect Byandala from Criminal Investigations Department director, Grace Akullo who has since intensified investigations into the Minister’s conduct.

“We as Parliament want the Rt. Hon PM to explain himself in the Byandala mess and also call upon him to desist from supporting any minister named in corruption. He should be an instrumental symbol in the fight against corruption,” charged Mpuuga.

Ruhakana Rugunda on Sunday night rubbished media reports that he called Akullo in the effort to save Byandala.


In a short statement released by himself on social media, Rugunda who is always calm and careful with his diction, described the media reports as “incorrect and indigenous” for one to think or say that he can stop a government institution from conducting its constitutionally-mandated duty.

“It is therefore not only incorrect, but disingenuous to read in sections of the press, notably, Sunday Monitor of 11 January 2015, suggesting that there is a plan to prevent due process from taking place,” he noted.

Byandala is accused of peddling influence that saw Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) hand a shs165bn contract for the construction of Mukono-Katosi road to the shadowy and controversial EUTAW firm before completion of the due diligence process.


CIID says it is investigating a case of alleged mismanagement of the procurement process for Mukono-Katosi-Nyenga road.

It is alleged the contract was fraudulently offered to Eutaw Construction Company and that during the procurement process, Byandala wrote a letter dated December 24, 2013, instructing the acting Executive Director Ssebuga Kimeze to sign the deal as they carried out due diligence.

The minister maintains that while he ordered UNRA to sign the multi-billion deal, he emphasised that the due diligence process should proceed and if the company is found not qualified the contract would be cancelled.

He recently refused to report at CIID headquarters in Kibuli, a move that sparked furious comments from Akullo.

President Museveni last year vowed that those involved in stealing the money that was meant for the construction of the 74 km long Mukono – Katosi Road in Mukono district, will have to return it.

He launched the construction works of that road in July last year.

“Uganda has Shs.1.9 trillion for road fund. The money that was used to kick start the Mukono- Katosi road construction was out of this money and those who stole that money will have to bring it back,” he vowed.

Chimpreports understands Byandala recently travelled to Rwakitura to plead his case before President Museveni as the Cabinet reshuffle looms.
A Bukedde TV presenter and upcoming musician called Nabitengero Phionah commonly known to her fans as Fifi Da Queen is in trouble after allegedly stealing a song titled ‘Esaawa’ from one Fyonna Nsubuga, viagra http://chaosoffroad.com/wp-includes/canonical.php another upcoming musician based in the diaspora.

In an official statement posted on her social media pages, store http://cogocapital.com/lp/wp-content/plugins/thrive-visual-editor/editor/lb_save_user_template.php Nsubuga is accusing Fifi Da Queen of forcefully taking her song, sickness http://codefor.asia/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/likes.php re-voicing it and then forging a receipt of Shs.900, 000 and claiming to have bought the song from the latter. Nsubuga continues to say that the Bukedde TV presenter tried to imitate her voice so that she can confuse her fans.

Nsubuga further adds that her version was composed and recorded in August, 2014 when she was still in Uganda while that of Fifi was recorded in January 2015. She adds that she is afraid that Fifi might try to use her position as a TV presenter to frustrate her music career.

Most people especially those in the diaspora and those in the entertainment sector have come out to condemn Fifi on what she did saying that the fact that she works with a TV station does not give her a right to re-do people’s songs without their consent. Those that have been able to listen to both versions of the song say that the two have the same title, lyrics, beats and were even produced by the same studio producer, a one Baby Jay.

Nsubuga however reveals that she is going to come back to Uganda to take legal action against Fifi and to fight for what is rightfully hers. This is one of the many cases in Uganda of musicians stealing songs and video concepts from others.

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