Bugisu NRM Historicals Warn Mbabazi on Indiscipline, Urge Public to Shun Him

Presidential hopeful Amama Mbabazi should fasten his belt for tough times ahead after a group of respected and elderly NRM historicals in Bugisu urged Eastern Uganda to shun him, saying he is an undisciplined member and schemer whose ultimate aim is to dismember the ruling party.

Mbabazi will this Thursday travel to Mbale to woo the densely populated Eastern Uganda to back his 2016 candidacy despite a stern warning from police that his planned activities are illegal.

“We the NRM historicals from the Bugisu region have been made to believe that Hon. Amama Mbabazi, the immediate former Prime Minister and Secretary General of the NRM is due to hold consultative meetings on his already declared bid to vie for the position of National Chairman of our mass movement, ” reads part of the statement by Bugisu elders

“We have noted with disappointment the manner in which the former Prime Minister and Secretary General of the National Resistance Movement has been conducting himself. We wish to express dismay that he did not bother to extend courtesy to us to share any of his insights,” the statement adds.

Some of the elders who signed the document include Mukuwa Wanzala, Abas Manafa, Eunice Nambuya, Tedi Wamusi and Watulo George among others.

They argued that part of NRM’s guiding principles “has always been transparency, accountability, integrity, consensus building and merit as a basis of ascending to positions of leadership within the organs of the NRM.”

The elders further stated that, “One would expect that since he had been a Secretary General of the NRM for 10 years, the Rt. Hon Amama Mbabazi would understand how the party structures operate.”

But, they reasoned, “We were taken by surprise when he (Mbabazi) released a video on You-tube of his intention to contest for the position of National Party Chairman and later President of Uganda without any internal deliberations.”


Sitting at Mbale Sports Club on Tuesday, the elders said Mbabazi did not bring it to the attention of any of the party organs yet “discipline of politics requires that matters are tabled internally and discussed first to build consensus and party cohesion.”

They accused Mbabazi of employing “subversive methods of work to undermine the Party Chairman and manipulate the structures for his own good,” adding, “With hindsight however, these are the methods of work the former Secretary General has always employed.”


The NRM historicals said Mbabazi “always conducted party business as personal and in the end served his own selfish interests thereby alienating many crucial voices in complete disregard of the known party norms and practices.”

They further pointed out that the former Secretary General who recently declared his presidential bid, “has now become a victim of his own indiscipline and continues to portray himself as have been unfairly treated and bundled out of the party.”

Mbabazi recently promised that his presidency would boost the quality of healthcare and education but critics said he did not do much to realise these objectives during his reign as Prime Minister and top NRM official.

The elders said in the statement that, “Mbabazi does not offer anything new for the NRM and Uganda as a whole. His interest is purely to occupy the position of National Chairman and President of Uganda. His interest of coming to Mbale is not to build and strengthen the NRM but an attempt to kill and bury it.”

Historicals said the NRM will always be a “melting pot of ideas and discourse despite persistent attempts by Mbabazi to dilute this during his tenure as Secretary General,” before urging him “to get back in line as a disciplined cadre and not be swayed by self-seeking counter revolutionary forces.”

According to a statement sent to ChimpReports on Tuesday night, the NRM top leaders in Bugisu said they wished to remind Mbabazi that he cannot act individually and continue to falsely convince himself that he can bulldoze himself into positions within the party.

“If he truly believes in, and still belongs to the National Resistance Movement, he will treat this counsel with the seriousness it deserves. As NRM historicals, we spent the best part of our youthful lives in pursuit of national ideals to redeem our country from mismanagement. Despite our age, we hold fresh ideas which we believe should be inculcated into our present youth for purposes of guiding generations to come,” they noted.

“We would like to reiterate our support for the Party Chairman, HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and approved methods of work of the NRM. We call upon all historicals and the entire public in Uganda to shun Mbabazi and his antics.”

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