Buganda Youth Protest at Mengo Palace; Demand Katikiro Resignation

Buganda youth under the Nkoba za Mbogo Students Association have Wednesday morning staged a demonstration against the current leaders at the palace in Mengo for the poor management of Buganda Land Board  (BLB) that has caused a reproach to the Kingdom and their king.

While demonstrating at the Palace in Mengo, pharmacy the youth noted that the poor management within the land board prompted one the Kabaka’s subjects, a one Mabirizi to take the Kabaka to courts of law to answer charges to do with land.

Led by their chairperson, Haruna Badru Sonko, the youth marched to the palace holding placards calling for the restructuring of BLB and cautioning the Kingdom Premier, Charles Peter Mayiga to come out and save the Kingdom glory that is fading by such court cases against the king.


“We have been forced to take this step after seeing that the leaders in Mengo are all quiet when our king is being insulted; they have all not come out to address the matter and find a lasting solution to it,” Sonko noted.

“We have come out to fight for the glory of the King which is under attack, we can no longer sit down and see land issues degrade our king; we believe the poor handling of land matters by the Buganda Land Board is causing all this disgrace to the Kingdom,” Sonko noted.

“As youths, we were cut by the court case against the King and the way the Prime Minister is neglecting the issue; we believe Mabirizi had a genuine cause but we acusse him of filing a case against the wrong person instead of suing BLB officials.”

Youths holding placards with different messages to Prime Minister Mayiga and Buganda Land Board
Youths holding placards with different messages to Prime Minister Mayiga and Buganda Land Board

They have called upon Mabirizi to immediately withdraw the case and file a new one against Mayiga and Buganda Land Board officials who are at the helm of embezzling people’s land.


They have further advised the Premier to come out and publicly own the wrongs done by the officials under him or else resign his position.

The youth marched to the palace gate and later disappeared on seeing security so tight.

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