Buganda Spends Shs. 6 Billion on Kasubi Royal Tombs

The Kingdom of Buganda on Friday revealed that by the end of restoring the Royal tombs at Kasubi, it would have spent a total of 6 billion Uganda shillings on the project.

This was revealed by the kingdom spokesperson Noah Kiyimba in a statement.

In March 2010, fire destroyed Kasubi Royal tombs, a UNESCO heritage site where four late Buganda Kings are buried.

The Kingdom embarked on the restoration of the tombs with major works starting in 2013 after the appointment of Mrs Peter Mayiga and Katikkiro (Prime Minister) of Buganda.

According to the Kingdom, of the 6 billion shilling spent on the project, 4 billion came from the Kingdom’s fundraising campaign dubbed “Ettofaali”

“Out of the 4 billion fundraised by the Kingdom, about 2.6 billion was spent on constructing a perimeter wall on 63 acres of land to protect it from land grabbers, and other encroachers; building a house for the princess in charge of the Tombs and other caretakers and solar systems,” said Kiyimba

Buganda information minister also said that government through cabinet, resolved to contribute 2 billion shillings and promised more in case it is furnished with proper accountability.

Satisfied with the accountability, the Kingdom revealed, that government decided to add more 2 billion of which President Museveni handed over 300 million on November 18th 2019.


It is said that the works on the main structure known as Muzibu-Azaala-Mpanga stands at 90% given the cultural steps required to be fulfilled.

The structure is being painted with fire proof paint and fitted with modern anti fire equipment.

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