Buganda Officials Want Government To Increase Number Of Lands Officers

First Prime Minister of Buganda Kingdom, Emmanuel Ndawula has called on the central government to increase the number of officers handling land title issues at the Ministry of Lands, to as to speed up the title processing.

Ndawula says because of limited manpower and other resources at the land’s ministry, it takes a long time for one to process a land title which hinders progress.

The minister was speaking at the giveaway of over 300 land titles as part of the Kyapa Mu Ngalo lease land titles to people occupying the Kabaka Land

This brings the total number of land titles given out to 1000 since the 6 months Kyapa Mu Ngalo Campaign was launched in April 2017.

Over 5000 clients have enrolled to receive land titles. The campaign was extended to December 2018 to give the Buganda Land Board (BLB) more time to process the land titles.

The campaign was aimed at helping land holders on the Kabaka land to receive land titles at reduced rates so as to avoid the increased cases of land fraud that have intrigued the entire nation.

The campaign, officials say, has nonetheless been challenged by a few issues like limited understanding of land matters by some land holders, harsh crackdown processes and interventions by the land’s ministry like in Wakiso District that led to delays in the release of land titles.

“We appreciate the Central government’s effort to crack down on corrupt officials but the way some issues are handled is irrational which affects a lot of people that are innocent” said Kyewalabye Male, the managing director BLD



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