Buganda Kingdom Starts Today to Enforce Land Rent On Kabaka Land

Buganda Land Board has announced plans to start collecting nominal ground rent (Busuulu) from all tenants/ Bibanja holders on Kabaka land starting today November 18th, 2019.

The Managing Director Buganda Land Board, David Kyewalabye Male said although the board has been collecting the nominal ground rent, it was being done on a small scale and enforcement was a bit relaxed.

However, in the new move, all tenants on Kampala land will be required to pay all arrears since the enactment of the Land Amendment Act of 2010.

“We will use the government of Uganda land rates that were outlined in the 2010 land amendment act, or the stated rates put in place by the district land boards,” he said

According to the act, the official ground rent charges for cities is Shs,50000, Municipalities 40000, town councils Shs 30000, town boards Shs 20000 while villages are supposed to pay Shs 5000 paid annually to the land owner.

Kyewalabye said they are going to move house by house across the kingdom collecting busuulu. With the new arrangement it means all people that have never paid Busuulu will pay since 2011. He said even those that are not registered are eligible for Busuulu payment as long as they present proof of ownership of their Bibanja

While speaking at an event organized to give out over 200 land titles to some tenants on Kabaka land, Mariam Mayanja Nkalubo, Minister for Lands in the Buganda kingdom, urged all tenants to pay their ground rent willingly since it is a small amount compared to the benefits from the economic activities carried out on the land.

“The ground rent is paid once a year and it is not a lot of money. It’s a shame that some people continue to complain about this payment and yet they have benefited so much from the land,” she said


She further urged people of Buganda to work together towards strengthening and uplifting the kingdom so that it can become as strong as it used to be

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