Buganda Kingdom Partners With Chinese Firm to Build Low Cost Housing Units

Buganda Land Board on Tuesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a Chinese firm, Gouji to construct affordable housing units and an industrial park in Ssentema

The Multibillion project will see over 50 middle income housing units constructed at Ssaza grounds on the uninhabited 50 acres of kingdom land in Ssentema, some 20 kilometres from Kampala

This will be the second housing project for the kingdom after the Mirembe Villas Housing project that was constructed a few years back by the same construction Firm.

The project master plan indicates that the Ssentema Housing Project will create a complete community with a school, shopping malls, health centres and leisure parks besides well planned roads, water and electricity

Speaking at the MoU signing ceremony at Bulange Mengo, the Katikiiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga who led the kingdom’s delegation said that Kampala and Uganda at large is still lacking decent and affordable housing for its growing urban population hence the need for the private sector and the government to do proper planning to bridge the gap.

“The way people sleep determines the quality of life they live. Most people are still living in undesirable houses in unsafe, unclean areas because they cannot afford the expensive housing that is available. As the kingdom, our aim is to put in place quality and affordable housing units for our subjects so that they can live improved lives” he said.

The Katikiiro further ensured the people of Ssentema that the project will not displace any of homes as the kingdom has already marked the redundant land where the project will be put up

The chairman Buganda land board, Kyewalabye Male said the project will improve the lives if the people in the area by providing improved living environment and of course the direct and the indirect jobs that will be constructed


The chairman of the Henan Gouji industrial group said the MoU will enhance the corporation between the company and Buganda kingdom and Uganda

The Ssentema housing project plan was designed by Fred, Nyanzi, a planner in Buganda land board. The project also follows a directive from the Kabaka of Buganda to have low cost houses for his subjects.

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