Buganda Kingdom Advises Subjects to Settle Grievances Culturally as High Court Dismisses Mabirizi Case

The Buganda Kingdom Land Board has advised subjects of the kingdom to always opt for ‘out of good’ means of settling grievances, to avoid tarnishing reputations as well as avoiding heavy costs that come with court cases.

David Mpanga, the Buganda kingdom attorney general for said since Buganda is a cultural institution, it is always better for subjects to first take their grievances to their leaders before opting for court.

Mpanga while speaking to journalists at the Buganda Land Board offices on Wednesday, said by solving grievances culturally, all the parties can come to a win-win situation while in court, there are winners and losers.

“Once you opt for court, there will always be losses and winners and we can assure you that the loser won’t be the Kabaka” Mpanga said.

Mpanga made the call shortly after the High Court in Kampala dismissed a case against Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi, which was filed by Lawyer Male Mabirizi challenging compulsory registration of all tenants on kingdom land at a fee.

The court session, led by Justice Henry Peter Adonyo ruled that the case had been declared a   nullity by the Court of Appeal and ruled that Mabirizi wrongly filed the case when he purportedly represented tenants on the Buganda land without their consent.

“There being no legal basis upon which the stay of this case processing can be based, it is holding of this court that the application of stay of proceedings lack ground and ought to fail as the main suit has already been declared a nullity by the court of appeal,” justice Adonyo ruled.

Earlier, the Court of Appeal had overturned an order by High Court’s Justice Patricia Basaza to Kabaka Mutebi to present all particulars in records to kingdom’s accounts in the branches of Stanbic bank and Bank of Africa in names of Buganda Land Board and the kingdom’s lands returned by government


Mpanga in a press conference to celebrate the ruling said the case had no strong basis and was bound to fail.

He blamed Lawyer Mabirizi for seeking cheap popularity and financial gains at the expense of the Kabaka.

Mpanga added that Buganda Land Board was already compiling a Bill of Costs to determine the cost that Lawyer Mabirizi has to pay to the Kabaka.

“This case is now behind us. We are going to concentrate on more developmental issues for the kingdom. We thank the Courts for delivering justice” he said

However the struggle may not be over as Mabirizi has already failed case appeals in the Supreme Court.


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