Bududa Landslides: Death Toll Rises To 6

The Uganda Red Cross Society has confirmed that at least 6 people have died in the landslides that hit the eastern Bududa district early this week.

The body also confirmed that 27 people were injured (13 male and 14 female) and they are currently admitted and receiving treatment at  Bududa hospital.

The landslides according to the Uganda Red Cross were a result of a heavy downpour that started at around 8:30pm.

Red Cross volunteers during the referral of some of the casualties injured in the landslides

Among the casualties, two are under five years of age and serious cases among those admitted are two, (One man with broken back and a woman with deep chest pain).

Red Cross spokesperson Irene Nakasiita yesterday said while a number of sub counties were affected, the worst hit was Buwaali Sub-County, particularly in areas like Bunamwamba North, Bunamwamba Main, and Bunamwamba South.

Other sub counties affected also include: Buwaali, Bukalasi, Bumayoka and Bubiita.

According to the organization, the total number of households affected approximate to 80 with a population of approximately 400 people.

70 households were also displaced with population of approximately 350 people who have moved to seek shelter from relatives and friends, while others are camped at Bukhaali Primary School.


Nakasiita on Wednesday morning named the five confirmed victims of the slides as Mary Cerina Kibone, 73, Patrick Wakuwema, 4, Seera Miriam Alice, 7, Mary Kimono, 13, and another boy whose names were not yet identified.

Nakasiita also noted that among the most pressing needs are food, safe shelter, clean water / water purifiers, latrine facilities, non-food items (household items), warm clothes and blankets.

Other risks or threats according to the Red Cross mouth piece are continued rainfall, likelihood of disease outbreaks like pneumonia in children, cholera due to poor hygiene and sanitation, diarrheal diseases among others.

Volunteers conducting assessment today

The local Red cross branch Volunteers together with the local police joined efforts and retrieved the bodies,” she said.

“Bodies are currently at Bukalasi Police post.  15 Red Cross Volunteers deployed to continue with search and Rescue efforts.”

Meanwhile, rescuers continue to face challenges according to the Red Cross, in efforts reach the affected areas due to steep and slippery slopes.




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