BUDGET: Trillions Increasing, Performance Declining

The budget performance has been declining in the recent financial years contrary to the blossoming annual increase in trillions of shillings.

The Parliament’s Budget Committee report to the whole house during the passing of Shs 29tn 2017/2018 budget on Wednesday revealed that the last year’s budget registered a performance of only 58.83 percent compared to 2015/2016’s 68.3 percent in accordance with National Development Plan II indicators.

“The committee observes that on the whole, what is ed compliance of FY 2016/2017 annual budget to NDPII was assessed at 58.83%. The score is far below the one registered in the previous FY at 68.3%,” part of the 91 page committee report said.

The 2015/2016 budget was Shs 24.1tn. The 2016/2017 budget grew by 9.4 percent from Shs 24.1tn to Shs 26.362tn and the performance equally declined by 9.4 percent from 68.3 in 2015/2016 percent to 58.83 percent.

The budget score decline is majorly attributed to the poor performance at the macroeconomic level that dropped by 23.9 percent from 72 percent in the financial year 2015/2016 to 48.1 percent in the 2016/2017.

Several ministries, government departments and districts were pinned for lacking strategic plans resulting to poor performances.

“The Committee notes with concern that a considerable number of sectors are without strategic plans aligned to NDPII,” part of the report stated.

It was established that 9 out of 16 sectors, 112 out of 131 MDAs and 107 of the 133 local governments are without strategic plans cleared by National Planning Authority.


Sectors without strategic plans are Works and Transport, Trade, Tourism and Industries and Public management

The absence of strategic plan affects monitoring of performance indicators, budget allocation and execution.

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