Bryan White Distances Self from Politics

Socialite turned philanthropist Bryan White real name Brian Kirumira has distanced himself from the rumour that has is a political activist for the ruling party.

This comes after a picture emerged with the pencil thin dude seated in President Museveni’s tent last week.

When the picture started making rounds on social media, so many theories sprung up regarding Bryan White’s role in Arua district weeks leading to the Municipality’s by-elections.

Bryan White has since come out to set the record straight revealing that he has known Museveni for quite some time and so that is why they are close to the extent of being in his tent.

In the picture, Bryan White is seen seated in the back as Museveni gives a speech. It is believed that Bryan White was with the head of State while he was inspecting works at Karuma hydro-power dam.

The socialite stated that Museveni is like his father and has taught him lots of things. “Museveni is like my father; in fact he is my father. I have known him for some time but he has taught me a lot of things. Don’t yap a lot because I have every right to be next to my father and do as I want with him. I joined him on his trail for a full week and we were having father and son discussions about how to help the youth of this country and how to take the pearl of Africa to greater heights.” Bryan White is quoted to have said.

Bryan White burst onto the social scene last year and claims to help empower the youths from poverty using his Bryan White Foundation.

His source of money is just as mysterious as the exact date of Jesus Christ’s second coming.

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