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Brutal Cop Mwesigye Faces Court Today

The Ministry of Education and Sports has today released the Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) results for the year 2014 indicating an increase in the performance, more about buy more about compared to the year 2013.

In his statement at the Office of the Prime Minister, treat UNEB Executive Secretary, Mathew Bukenya has said that the performance of 2014 PLE candidates was slightly better than in 2013 at a percentage of 88.1.

Bukenya said in the year 2014, 516,860 candidates passed PLE compared to 494,839 candidates in the year 2013.

“A total of 604, 971 candidates from 11,904 centres registered for PLE in 2014, of this number, 471,914 were Universal Primary Education (UPE) beneficiaries while only 133,057 were non-UPE,” Bukenya revealed.

Bukenya went ahead and commended government for maintaining and funding the UPE programme in the effort to increase the level of literacy and numeracy in the country.

“Social Studies with Religious Education was performed best followed by Mathematics, Integrated Science and English in that order.”

He noted that the reports from Chief Examiners indicated that generally the quality of candidates’ work; expression and handwriting have improved as compared to previous years.

“The percentage grade of division one in 2014 registered at 10.4 percent was better than that of 2013 which was at 9.4 percent.”


Bukenya added that a total of 60,956 pupils have passed in the first grade while 253,548 passed with second grade, 127,349 passed in grade three, 75,009 in grade four and 68,760 were ungraded.

The overall performance indicates that male candidates performed better than female candidates with a total of 36339 males and 24617 females passing in the first grade.

“Statistics indicate that urban districts are still performing much better than rural ones.”
The brutal and infamous DPC Old Kampala Police station, this web Joram Mwesigye appears before Buganda court on Thursday afternoon for assaulting and injuring journalists.

Chimp Corp Kenneth Kazibwe reports that Mwesigye is expected in the dock at 2pm.

The prosecution of Mwesigye will cool the rage in the hearts of journalists who witnessed the brutal assault on their colleagues by the unprofessional police commander this week.

Mwesigye used an electric wire to clobber scribes who were covering protesters in Kampala.

Police have since vowed to take a firm action against him and also apologised for the embarrassing incident.

“I am going to shoot you if you don’t stop filming what is going on now, site ” charged Mwesigye before mercilessly clobbering 28-year-old WBS cameraman Andrew Lwanga.

With huge strokes raining on his head, the journalist staggered before falling as blood oozed out of his head.

At this moment, the DPC attempted to escape from the scene only to be intercepted by angry journalists who demanded he explains his actions.

Instead of organising for an ambulance to take Lwanga to a medical facility for emergency care, Mwesigye dragged his victim into a car before dumping him at the police station.

It was Kampala South police Chief James Ruhweza, who on arrival at the police station, rushed Lwanga to Mulago referral hospital.

“We had to rush him to Mulago for treatment but we condemn the brutal act by our own officer. All those involved are to be investigated and brought to book,” Ruhweza explained.

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