British Airways Unveils e-Training for Travel Agents

British Airways has invited travel consultants operating in Uganda to improve their travel consultancy and management skills by undertaking the BA Academy programme via an online e-learning module based system.

The program that started today, look medical the 1st of August, discount 2014 will run until 31stOctober 2014 and aims at improving the consultants’ knowledge about British Airways products and services.

Faith Chaitezvi, visit this British Airways Country Commercial Manager Uganda, said the programme aims at making sure that all the necessary tools are used effectively in order to keep travel agents abreast with the developments in the industry.

The program will also act as a revision tool for the travel consultants who embrace it, providing them with the excellence required to cater for the ever changing customer needs in the course of their everyday work.

The BA Academy e-learning programme consists of four progressive membership levels which include Blue, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Blue is a default level assigned to every member, Bronze levelis assigned upon successful completion of three modules, Silver level is assigned upon successful completion of 6 modules and Gold level is assigned upon successful completion of 8 modules, which is the total number of modules to be completed in the program.

An e-certificate is awarded at the completion of each module.
“The first 10 graduates to the next membership level which is the Bronze, Silver and Gold will win various amazing prizes, such as British Airways merchandise, mobile credit vouchers, shopping vouchers and fuel vouchers.

The overall Bronze winners will receive shopping vouchers worth Ugx 500,000/= each, while 4 overall Silver winners will each receive smart phones.

The 2 gold grand winners selected from the gold level for the BA Academy 2014 will walk home with ipads.

To elaborate more on the qualification process, Faith Chaitezvi stated, “The system will automatically select winners using a built in tool for finding winners from all participants who have completed the most training courses with the least number of attempts. Winners will be informed by email and a follow up phone call.”

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