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British Airways to Pay for Uganda Child Abuses by Pilot

President Museveni has broken silence on the Constitutional Court’s ruling nullifying the Anti-homosexuality law which he enacted this year, story saying he would consult NRM caucus on the way forward.

“I belong to a political party called NRM. I don’t answer questions on a freelance way, there ” said Museveni.

“I have not had time to meet the caucus. When I meet with the NRM caucus, viagra 40mg I will have an answer,” he added.

The court presided over by Justice Stephen Kavuma Friday upheld the gay activist petitioners’ assertion that Parliament Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga, illegally put the Bill to vote without the requisite quorum.

Rule 23 of the Parliamentary rules of procedure requires that when the procedural question of quorum is raised, the question has to be determined.

The speaker is obliged to suspend the proceedings of the House for an interval of 15 minutes after which a bell is rang and when the present members still don’t make the quorum, she is required to proceed with other businesses or adjourn the House.

This, according to Counsel Nicholas Opiyo who was part of the petitioners, was meant to protect the integrity of parliament and to ensure that the August House is not turned into a cocoon of people conniving to pass laws without quorum.

Justice Kavuma refused to buy into Defense led by Counsel Patricia Mutetsi’s argument that there existed no evidence that the House wasn’t well constituted since no one counted the members.


“The Speaker is required even without prompting from anybody to ensure that quorum exists. We note that she was prompted three times,” stressed Kavuma in his ruling.

However, President Museveni said at a press conference on Saturday morning his job is not to scrutinise how the Bills are passed by Parliament.

“I am sent the bills and I just sign them. I don’t look at how they are passed,” said the President.

He also pointed out the slashing of aid from western countries after enacting the anti-homosexuality law did not trigger a “catastrophe” as threatened by donors.


Addressing journalists on national census, Museveni said the national exercise will help government to plan better in delivery of social services to the people.

“We shall know how much medicine we need to send to hospitals, how many schools we have…Those who are superstitious about the census have to be educated about the importance. Ugandans are not foolish if educated,” said Museveni.

He said with census, government will know the services needed by the public and where people are located.

The President said counting people started 2000 years ago with August Caesar.

Census of Quirinius was the enrollment of the Roman provinces of Syria and Judaea for tax purposes taken in 6/7 CE.

The Census was taken during the reign of Augustus (27 BCE – 14 CE), when Publius Sulpicius Quirinius was appointed governor of Syria, after the banishment of Herod Archelaus from the Tetrarchy of Judea and the imposition of direct Roman rule. The Gospel of Luke account of the birth of Jesus connects it to this census.

Finance State Minister Matia Kasaija told journalists that so far 80,000 enumerators have been recruited from their localities for the census project starting August 28 to September 6.
A team of lawyers is set to jet in the county to investigate reports of sexual abuse of young children and women by a British Airlines Pilot, pills according to Mirror, viagra buy a UK newspaper.

54 year old Simon Wood, ask now deceased, is said to have sexually molested 16 girls in orphanages here in Uganda, as well as in Kenya and Tanzania, back in 2001, while on a charity mission on behalf of the Airlines .

Days before hearing his case would commence at the London’s Southwark Crown Court on August 30, Mr Woods threw himself in a speeding train and ended his life.

The suicide was confirmed last Thursday by Graham Danbury, a coroner: ‘I’m satisfied that, as a result of having been charged with the offenses, he was in a state of considerable distress which would have been understandable.”

Details were yet to emerge of the names schools and orphanages of Woods’ victims in the country.

Prosecution however, holds that while on stopovers in the East African countries, he abused the victims, by reason of his employment with the airline, in particular through his involvement with the airlines’ community relations work.

The law firm named Leigh Day, which is representing the 16 girls, now wants British Airlines to bear the responsibly of their former employee.

Lawyer Nichola Marshall said:”The schools and orphanages that our clients attended were all in receipt of charitable donations from the airline, and Wood played a key role in administering those donations, on behalf of British Airways.

Marshall added that team would be visiting the victims in three countries to gather more evidence about the offense.

Wood was first arrested over an indecent assault allegation in November 2001 but prosecutors ruled there was insufficient evidence to charge him.

British Airways spokesman said: “We were shocked and horrified to hear the allegations against Simon Wood, which appear to relate to his involvement in child-related activities entirely outside the scope of his employment with British Airways.

“Our sympathies are with the victims and it is disappointing that the conduct of one person has caused so much distress to the many thousands of decent people who engage in charitable works on a regular basis.”


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