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Breaking: Uganda’s Counter Terrorism Forces Put on High Alert

The Director of Counter Terrorism, AIGP Abbas Byakagaba, in Uganda Police Force has ordered all crack units to increase the level of preparedness to counter any terrorist attack in the country.

The directive, seen by ChimpReports, comes high on heels of a deadly terrorist attack in Nairobi Kenya in which 14 people were killed.

“Following the suspected terror attacks in Nairobi on Tuesday afternoon, all Unit commanders are hereby instructed to be on high alert and ensure all precautionary measures to close security gaps in AOR (Area of Operation) and work closely with other security agencies, the private sector,” said Byakagaba in memo to all units on Tuesday night.

Byakagaba directed his forces to “ensure maximum vigilance and activate all measures to protect all vulnerable areas including crowded places, hotels, tourist sites and other facilities.”

The Al Shabaab gunmen raided DusitD2 hotel complex in the capital Nairobi where they detonated bombs before blasting into the compound and taking hostages.

The attack has shocked the world, underscoring the need to address the root causes of terrorism including radicalism and poverty in Africa.

The Al Shabaab attacked Uganda in 2010, killing more than 100 people.

Al Shabaab said in a message today they were punishing Kenya for deploying forces in Somalia – where a coalition of regional armies under AMISOM are battling the Islamist militants.

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