Breaking: Tumukunde Nomination Papers Found Lacking

The Electoral Commission Chairman Justice Simon Byabakama on Monday afternoon halted the nomination of former Security Minister Gen Henry Tumukunde after he failed to meet some of the requirements for the nomination.

Gen Tumukunde, who is seeking to challenge President Yoweri Museveni in next year’s presidential election alongside 10 others, arrived about 30 minutes past midday to the nomination venue and the nomination kicked off.

However, after minutes of perusal of his papers, it was found that one the forms had not been duly signed.

As such, Justice Byabakama ordered Tumukunde and his team to have this matter rectified before the nomination could carry on.

“There is a slight anomaly in the papers of the aspirant,” Byabakama said.

“We have advised him to rectify that anomaly so we can proceed with the nomination. This is something that is rectifiable,” he said.

Tumukunde and his team were then seen exiting the nomination tent and talking among  themselves outside.

Speaking to press later, Hon Beatrice Kiraso, the Chief of Staff of Tumukunde’s campaign said the issue had been found on one of the forms, and said this would be fixed in a few minutes.


“It is small part that was supposed to be signed by Commissioner of oaths,” she said.

“It was an oversight on our part and we have arranged for the commissioner to come hear within a few minutes.”

Commenting on the matter, Tumukunde said the glitch was not significant and that he would not overshoot his allocated nomination time.

“We gave ourselves two hours and we are still in the two hours,” he said.

Nomination for each candidate is supposed to last one hour.

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