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South Sudan Army Chief Resigns, Flees to Nairobi

The South Sudan national army Deputy Chief of Staff, price Lt. Gen. Barpiny Mantuil Wicjeng has, with a “heavy heart”, resigned and fled to the neighboring Kenyan capital Nairobi.

The copy of the resignation letter exclusively seen by ChimpReports shows it was authored  this past Friday but most likely delivered to the President’s office and the SPLA headquarters today Monday – after he had already exited the fragile nation.

The military general, who also in charge of moral orientation in the armed forces, accused the administration of President Salva Kiir of practicing gross nepotism and hindering the country’s development.

It is very likely that the general is defecting to the rebel group of former Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar.

If it happens, he will be become the most senior SPLA to defect from Kiir’s camp to Machar’s in recent years.

The resignation revealed classified information in his resignation letter.

For example, Barpiny said some officers were arrested on suspicion of being loyal to him.

He said on March 14, he asked for permission from both the president and SPLA Chief of General Staff Gen Paul Malong to travel to Germany for medical treatment, a request that was given a green light.


Barpiny left for Uganda on March 17 to process his visa to Germany.

He said on the same date, the “Chief of General Staff ordered Major General Mathew Puljang Top who was in Juba by then to go to Mayom and arrest 46 officers whom they thought were loyal to me and wanted to join the rebellion with Dr Riek Machar according to a report by Dr Joseph Nguen the Governor.”

Barpiny said all those officers of different ranks were arrested and sent to Sector 1- headquarters in Wau where they remain to date.

This is the first time that the world is waking up to the fact that several high ranking army officers arrested this year are languishing in South Sudan jails.

The dissident general further revealed that on March 18, the army arrested Maj Gen Stephen Buay Rolnyang and Maj General Joseph Manyuat “because they did not heed to orders of the Governor of Unity State and Chief of General Staff who wanted them to violate the ceasefire and the whole August Peace Agreement without a written order that when things get exposed, the blame should go to the officers concerned.”

It is still unclear if Gen. Barpiny fled with some troops.

All the commanders and soldiers in Machar’s movement defected from government starting from the late 2013 when a bloody civil war broke out in the youngest nation.

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