NTV Loses Qatahar to NBS TV

Prolific journalist Raymond Mujuni Qatahar,23, has quit NTV  to join  NBS TV.

Sources close to ChimpLyf reveal that “Raymond needs space to grow  his career as an investigation journalist, reason why he decided to move on.”

However, the resignation comes at the backdrop of a huge   exodus of NTV employees  to NBS.

NBS TV has been working around the clock to eat into NTV’s market share by introducing live reporting and have been ‘stealing’ some its key reporters.

However, NTV remains the most powerful television station in Uganda.

Mujuni previously worked with Uganda Radio Network in Kampala before switching to TV.

He is amongst the most promising youthful journalists in Uganda with considerable influence on social media.

Mujuni covered the recently concluded Kenyan elections and the Rwenzori crisis of November 2016.


Mujuni, is an investigative journalist in East Africa.

He is a two time winner of the National Journalism Award for explanatory reporting and Investigative Reporting for his stories that exposed a high end government to government deal for the exchange of refugees for guns between Uganda and Israel.

He  is a multimedia journalist with apt skills in using innovative ways to tell stories.

At NTV, he has used data and visualizations together with human sourcing to put a face to stories that define the country.

He has reported from the slums of Kibera on unserved justice for Kenya’s Post-election Violence victims, to the dangerous youngest nation of South Sudan on the refugee crisis.

He has been at the center of reporting for stories on income inequality, technology innovations and Uganda’s development agenda.

Mujuni is a thought leader and fellow with Leo Africa’s Young and Emerging Leaders Fellowship, a programme seeking to provide home grown, thought driven, solutions to the problems facing Sub-Saharan Africa.

He is a common moderator of panels seeking to find solutions to local problems and has recently premiered as the youngest male news anchor for Prime News in Uganda with NTV.

Raymond Mujuni Qatahar in Juba, South Sudan


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