Boxing President Punches Again After Budget Figures Release

Local Boxing Federation President Moses Muhangi is not about to halt his rant about, what he calls, inequitable sharing of the sports fund from the government.

The boxing boss’ latest rant was sparked immediately after the Minister of Finance Matia Kasaija read the Shs 40.48 trillion national budget on Thursday afternoon in Kampala.

According to the new budget, the sports sector will share Shs 26.2 Bn – an increase of more than 54 percent from the previous 2018-19 figures.

Of that money, the sports development has been portioned 6.2 Bn, Sports department programmes have 1.5 Bn while the local sports federations and their patron National Council of Sports have slightly over 18 Bn.

It is not clear how much the federations will earn.  However according to the figures revealed by UBF,  Football (FUFA) will get Shs10bn, netball  Shs 2bn, basketball (FUBA) Shs1bn, athletics (UAF) Shs 1.1bn, boxing  (UBF) Shs700m, rugby (URU) Shs300m, university sports Shs700m and Paralympics Shs250m.

The other 40 federations are expected to share 2 billion.

“When there is no agreed criteria of fund distribution then there happens a serious misappropriation of resources,” Muhangi ranted.

Muhangi has tickled the heads of the remaining federations to stand up and fight what he calls “an injustice”.


“The silence of the affected presidents/ federations leads to the continuation of the injustice and the under development of all sports in the country hence the suffering of our athletes.

“On my part as president UBF, for as long as am still serving, the advocacy has just began.”


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