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Boxers Undergo Medical Examinations Ahead of National Open

There could be doubts about whether the 2019 National Open will take place because of the court cases but that has not deterred officials from Uganda Boxing Federation to carry on with preparations.

On Thursday, over 200 boxers underwent  mandatory medical screening in the run up to the national boxing open championship slated to unravel on Saturday.

Unlike previous events, those who will make the cut this time round are required to have successfully passed the compulsory HIV/AIDs, Hepatitis and body examination.

According to Christopher Mbowa the medical commissioner Uganda Boxing Federation (UBF) and Uganda Olympic Commissioner (UOC) says that this has been done purposely to avoid any health malaise that might arise during the competitions.

“You cannot take part on Saturday unless you convince us medically that your entire body is void of any deformity and you are free from Aids and Hepatitis. We want to avoid anything that might compromise one’s health, ” said Mbowa

“For those that will test positive, there is no cause to worry as they will be counselled and immediately enrolled on treatment for free courtesy of a partnership between Uganda boxing Federation (UBF), The Aids Information centre, Uganda Aids Commission and Infectious Diseases Institute Makerere that has been ongoing since November last year.” He added.

About 300 boxers had already been examined according to Richard Kawooya the prevention officer AIDS information centre with numbers expected to rise to close to 500.

” Our role is to encourage those that test negative to remain so while for those that will test positive we shall counsel them and enrol them on medication,” Kawooya explains.


Over 30 teams which include traditional giants; KBC, KCCA , COBAP and East Coast among others are expected to take part in this years tournament.

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