BOU Saga: Illicit Cargo, Owners Revealed

The chattered plane carrying the currency cargo of Bank of Uganda was shared by 9 other institutions, individuals and businesses.

ChimpReports on Saturday got the custom details of the consignments that have generated controversy in the country and counter accusations among government agencies.

According to the document, only BOU carried currency notes but the remaining parties had different items including machinery, electronic, health, aircraft parts and others.

URA Commissioner in charge of Customs Dicksons Kateshumbwa said in a statement on Saturday that a private chartered plane arrived in April 2019 and as normal practice for sensitive cargo customs facilitated clearance of the currency at the tarmac in presence of BOU Officials, BOU Security, Aviation Security, Police and other security agencies.

“The consignment was offloaded, inspected and loaded on BOU vehicles and taken to Kampala under heavy security escort,” he said.

The owners of the illicit consignments

The top URA officials further said the same plane contained other cargo which belonged to various individuals / companies / organizations.

Kateshumbwa said as per normal customs clearance procedure, “this cargo was offloaded into the licensed bonds at the airport and subsequently the owners made customs declarations, paid applicable taxes and Customs physically verified each consignment to ascertain accuracy and consistency with the declaration and released the goods to the owners.”

An officials told ChimpReports on Saturday that security was verifying the declarations to corroborate URA officials’ recorded statements.

Kateshumbwa said each consignment had its individual airway bill.

Below are the items:


Entry NO. Description of goods Consignee

C10521     Currency notes          BOU                      

C10523       Machinery        Mandela Millers Ltd            

C10597        Entomology Supply   USAID                                      

C10610    Security X-ray Machine Jamani Investments          

C10641 Unbranded adhesive    Charles Mbire                        

C10645 Acid batteries     UN High Commission          

C10647   Field care DVD        CET Industries                      

C10676    Tripower, fuses     Semliki Dairy                        

C10746    Human blood apparatus UN Mission                            

C10867    Aircraft parts              United Nations                    

C10883  Transmission apparatus      UN                    

C11158    Lab reagents                United Nations                    

C11283    Pumps/ accessories   APTECH                                  

C10186    Medical equipment   Health Ministry

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