BOU Saga: “Government is Investigating Cargo Not printed Cash”

Government spokesperson Mr. Ofwono Opondo has clarified that ongoing investigations into Bank of Uganda officials are centered on extra cargo that was flown into the country and not printed money has been suggested in the media.

Opondo at a press conference on Tuesday, accused police of misrepresenting the facts of the investigations.

He said it was absurd for the police mouthpiece, Fred Enanga to imply that authorities are investigating money related issues, when there are no leads to this.

Specifically, he says authorities are interested in establishing which extra luggage was smuggled on the plane.

“The ongoing investigations have got nothing whatsoever to do with extra printed money that purportedly was dumped in our economy,” Opondo.

“What went through customs in Uganda shows that there were extra items of 13 other clients who were not part of chattering the plane.”

As such, he says government has asked police to revise its statement.

Asked, what the consignments contained, Ofwono responded that they are investigating respective packages.


“Government is not aware where Mr. Enanga picked his story line. Knowing how police communicates sometimes it should not surprise that false information has slipped through their tongue again”,

Police Responds

Speaking to Chimp Reports, Fred Enanga said the police seeks to establish if there was any illegality committed in the shipping of the said goods.

However, he says they intend to contact the Central Bank to establish if extra cash was sneaked into the country.

Prof. Emmanuel Mutebile the Central Bank governor says 20 pallets contained printed cash while 5 others were unaccounted for.

Mutebile says the reason why he requested for security help was to ascertain why extra cargo was sneaked onto a BOU chartered plane not cash as presumed.

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