Bored at Home? Try these 10 Incredibly Fun Party Games that Kids and Adults Can Play at Home

Fun time with family makes for the most prized possessions that we can cherish for a lifetime, and what better way of making these moments incredible than organising some exciting games that can bind every member of the family together into one single loop?

Here are some great activities that can be played by every age group, including kids and adults, thereby creating a strong bond between the varied generations. You can check here for some of the most entertaining party games that are sure to get every member of your family rocking and rolling.

Party Games For Kids & Adults

Musical Chairs

Each one of us must have played this game at some birthday party in our childhood. However, it can now add more fun and frolic to your family-time by involving the adults as well. All you need to do is create a song list and appoint one person to handle the starting and stopping of the music while the others jostle to get a place on of the chairs placed therein.

To bring about a twist, you can add a rule that as long as the player’s feet are off the ground while sitting on a chair, they would stand qualified to continue with the game. This addition would encourage a lot of lap-sitting and rib-tickling laughter for everyone to rejoice and remember.

Family History Charades

This one is the best to relive family history and even educate and reminisce the younger generation about their family’s past events. These traditional charades, only with events dating back to your family history and spanning over multiple generations, can combine and bring the children, youth, and the older generation, all under one bracket.

Not only does it provide us with an opportunity to enjoy a steaming game that involves nothing but family details of past and current events, but it also bonds the family better in more ways than one.

Eat The Doughnut

Who doesn’t love doughnuts? To make gaming activities more enriching during family party moments, you can thread doughnuts with a string and hang them between two trees or poles. Now make pairs of two each and find out for yourself which team finishes the doughnut first without using their hands or arms. The team, however, gets disqualified if the doughnut falls on the ground.

Two Truths And A Lie

Yet another classic game to break the ice between family members and create a stronger bond between them, this game involves each player to speak two truths and one lie about themselves. The rest of the members take time to guess which one is the false one about that person. It requires no setup or materials and can be enjoyed by every age group.



Guessing what and how people may react in different situations is always fun, especially when it involves people you know quite closely. This game called ‘Things’ starts with one person making a statement, for example, ‘Things that make you smile’, and everyone writes their answers on a sheet of paper. Then the answers from all the participants are collected and read aloud. Thereafter, each one tries to guess who must have written what.

Name That Tune

Music binds everyone and lets you rejoice with fun and frolic while having a nice family party time. Make a song-list of popular numbers from both yesteryears as well as the present era and start playing one of them.

Then ask everyone to guess the song from the tune played. The one who raises their hand first gets to answer and win points if their guess-work is correct. Whoever gets the maximum points by the end of the game is declared the winner.

Partners In Pen

Divide into pairs and ‘partner in pen’ to amaze others with your drawing skills while enjoying an artful day with family and friends. One person from the team prompts their partner to draw some odd objects from a bag full of things by describing them, and the other person tries to sketch it on a piece of paper. Once the drawing is complete, the other family members are asked to guess what they had drawn.

The Mummy

Take your creative skills to new highs with this engaging game. Each member of the family takes a tissue paper roll and starts making a mummy. Whoever finishes it first and makes the most creative mummy is declared the winner.


It’s time to test your knowledge of lyrics and songs once again. Make game cards with some common words in a song. Divide and make groups of 2 or 3 participants each.

Now, flip these cards and show one of them to everyone to see what it says. Each team has to sing a song containing all the words mentioned on the card. The team that sings it correctly gets the points, while those who cannot guess it within 30 seconds are marked negatively.

Sticker Stalker

You can play this sneaky game throughout the length of any party. Each family member gets some stickers with hilarious quotes written on them. The challenge is to stick these notes on people without being noticed.
The one who finishes all the stickers first is declared the winner.

Final Take

Above is just a small list of games that can make any party fun-filled and highly incredible for family and friends to remember and cherish for a lifetime. Other than these, the classic game of Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly, Uno, and a whole range of board games can also make for enticing and enthralling family time together.

So what are you waiting for? Make the most out of your time to connect and bond with your near and dear ones while relishing and enjoying games that you can never forget.

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