BOOK REVIEW: Treating Small Business- Dr.Innocent Nahabwe

The grass is greenest where it’s adequately watered- so goes one of the many intriguing phrases in this exquisite easy read.

From the golden memories of a typical average family child, the tales therein consume all the eagerness your mind can possibly exude and keep you glued page to page as your eyes devour each word, each crossed T and dotted I at terrific speed. Judging from the title, one would think it is business all through but just like the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover!

“Treating Small Business” is such an informative, educating and yet enjoyable book that ‘leads you on’ in a successive manner in that you don’t notice how you transition from smiling (while it takes you back to your own relatable teenage adventures) to giving a sigh as you get to ‘witness’ the harsh reality of dealing with friends and people as a whole in business.

It commences with narrations of a young ‘Dr. Innocent to be’ as he sails a long this long stretch of a shore line I call life, often trying to test the waters like manning up to ask his parents for a birthday party (which was not a norm those days for such a community setting as his), tagging along his mother while she made visits- a vice many of us had as young kids and also sighting decisions to make at an early age like staying away from women because apparently one of his local ‘celebrities’ succumbed to “sleeping with women,” a terrifying experience you need to read about.

School and it’s overwhelming experiences is another part of this book that will console you, just in case you thought your parents’ reaction to your expulsion was the most savage or your ‘black market’ skills were so ‘out of this world.’ You definitely need to meet your competitor here.

A huge and most part of the book takes you through numerous business trials and encounters that will keep your mouth agape. Embarking on a self employment journey which will require you to incorporate friends in, will soon teach you life’s lessons that you wish a brother had alerted you about prior. In worst case scenarios, your once friends/business partners will be the same people whose path you never want to cross as many of Dr. Innocent’s tales in the book testify.

Valuable and complex business aspects are tackled with utmost simplicity and pinches of humor which to me is an absolute efficient way to drive the point home considering such a topic that demands an open mind to perceive rightly.

The use of ‘living’ examples such as the places we have frequented and the people we know or we have probably heard of makes the book more relatable and close by.


With the conclusion bit comes the fatherly pieces of advice, so instrumental that whosoever peruses through will at least have an urge to reboot some sectors of their overall operation, be it business, the social part of life and definitely the guidelines to fully utilizing the immense gift of one’s youth.
“The 20s are your foundation years. They are your phoenix phase. It’s that stage of life where you will lose everything you have struggled for, yet still rise from the ashes of entrepreneurship. It’s your cat phase, where you get to exhaust your eight lives and live to see the ninth. Beyond that, you suddenly realize that you can no longer take the risks you could have taken earlier,” he concludes.

If this isn’t a book for you to read and consult, I don’t know what is then! Everyone needs a guiding hand while trying to figure out life and “Treating Small Businesses” is definitely your go to mentor. Besides my disappointment; waiting for “Handling family/dating and tight schedules,” a chapter that never appeared till I wound up, I think this is overall an ink-horn of a book.



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