Book Review: In Emmanuel Kirunda’s “Beyond the Fourth Heritage”, A Journey of Self-Discovery

Optimistic, cost http://cyancdesign.com/wp-admin/includes/meta-boxes.php and deeply personal, online http://clevelandheartlab.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/sync/class.jetpack-sync-settings.php study offers a rousing call to everyone to transcend their traditional heritage in order to develop a modern consciousness and thrive anywhere in the world.

Beyond the Fourth Heritage takes us through a journey of self-discovery where we learn the causes of our mental poverties and open new doors to freedom and success.

Kirunda identifies the three main heritages of people in the modern world which are; indigenous, religious and European cultural influences – the third being a result of the lasting impact of Western Colonialism.

Born and raised in Uganda, Emmanuel S. Kirunda has always been incredibly passionate about, and proud of, his indigenous African heritage.

However, he also identifies that the only way he has been able to thrive in modern society is because he has welcomed and accepted other cultures and influences into his world view.

Kirunda passionately implores the necessity of all people, and in particular Africans, to embrace and become open-minded to other religious and cultural heritages and assimilate them into their own lives not only in order to thrive but also to enter a new age of acceptance and peace.

If we don’t transcend our first heritages, it will result in continued fracture of self-identity and society as a whole.

Divided into three important parts, the book first introduces the reader to the author’s hypotheses; that the origin of all humans is in Africa, that the Semites created the idea of one God and Europeans designed the modern world.


The first hypothesis is the most important one, because according to the most agreed on genetic and fossil scientific evidence, humans as a species had their origin somewhere in Africa between 200,000 and 500,000 years ago.

After exploring these central tenets, Kirunda goes on to introduce the history of the major civilisations starting with Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and Ancient America before leading into Greco-Roman and closing with the Islamic and Western European civilisations.

By identifying these influences on our identity, Kirunda convincingly argues that the individual can confront the restrictive shackles of their indigenous heritage and enter a positive stage of self-actualisation.

This releases the subconscious and invites in new experiences and opportunities leaving the individual able to take firm, positive action and full control over their destiny.

A unique blend of memoir, academic treatise and self-help, Beyond the Fourth Heritage is optimistic, open and honest in its approach and will educate and move readers to tap into the often ignored sense that they are destined for – and capable of – something far greater.

About the author:

Born and raised in Iganga, Uganda, Emmanuel S. Kirunda currently lives in London where he works as a Projects Controls Engineer within the oil and gas industry.

After graduating from secondary school in Uganda, Kirunda was nominated to represent the country at the United World Colleges of the American West in New Mexico, USA.

The United World Colleges are a group of 15 pre-University schools situated all across the world whose objective is to bring young people from all countries and cultures of the world to live and study together.

He earned his Baccalaureate Diploma at the United World College before going on to study Civil Engineering at Lafayette College, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

He also earned his Master’s in Engineering Management at the University of Texas, at Austin.

A three-time published author, Kirunda’s books are all focused on giving a unique world view from the vantage point of someone born and raised in Africa, but fully global in worldview.

Previous titles include: The Fourth Heritage (AuthorHouse 2011) and The Fourth Republic (AuthorHouse2011).

Beyond the Fourth Heritage by Emmanuel S. Kirunda (published AuthorHouse 30th August 2016 RRP TBC) is available to purchase from online retailers including amazon.co.uk and to order from all good bookstores.

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